Aysen Ozkan, Graduate Research Assistant in the Fracture Research and Application Consortium (FRAC), has accepted a position at Core Lab in Houston. Aysen recently completed a Master of Science degree in the UT Department of Geological Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Earle McBride on diagenesis and porosity evolution of the Cambrian Flathead Sandstone, Wyoming and Montana. In the FRAC program Aysen worked on a wide range of interrelated structural and diagenetic topics, including several in-depth studies of sandstone diagenesis and fractures in the northern Rockies and in various plays in Venezuela, Colombia, and Bolivia, and carbonate diagenesis and fractures in the Black Warrior Basin. Aysen is among the first of a new generation of practitioners who received integrated training in structure and diagenesis, and we wish her well in transferring to industry the approaches she mastered at the Department and the Bureau. 08/03/01