John A. (Jack) Jackson

After a highly successful career in the oil and gas discovery business, Mr. Jackson served as a vital and active member of the Advisory Council of the Geology Foundation at the University, to which he was appointed in 1975. He and his wife, Katie (Graeter) Jackson, who died in March 2001, provided a gift of $15 million for the expansion of the Geology Building, which will be dedicated this April. In 2002, Jackson stated his intent to leave the residue of his estate to the Geology Foundation in support of the Jackson School, which comprises the Bureau, the Department of Geological Sciences, and the Institute for Geophysics. Jackson said he and his wife viewed their gifts as an investment rather than philanthropy: "In this case, we are investing in the future of a countless number of people at The University of Texas at Austin, who will study and will continue to learn of the geology, the earth sciences, and the resources and the environment of the Earth." In a brief message to the Bureau staff, Bureau Director Scott W. Tinker said, "What we can do now is try to follow the positive example that Jack set, both in spirit and in approach, and make the most of the wishes that he had for his investment in geosciences, the University, and the great State of Texas. It is in our hands." Services for Mr. Jackson were held March 26 at 10 a.m. at Christ Lutheran Church in Dallas, Texas.


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