Land Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Current Issues and Future Requirements

Lawrence R. Jacobi, Jr.
Jacobi Consulting  

The disposal of all kinds of radioactive waste has been an unsolvable problem since the dawn of the nuclear age. Promises of energy “too cheap to meter” have been dashed by our inability to find suitable disposal sites for spent nuclear fuel. Life-saving medical therapy might soon be unavailable because of the lack of adequate disposal sites for the lowest levels of radioactivity. Radioactive waste produced during the Manhattan Project remains a legacy after more than 50 years. 

The resurgence of nuclear power and the current threat of terrorism have created a new interest in solving our radioactive waste dilemma. This presentation will explore the need for radioactive waste disposal facilities in the United States. Land disposal of radioactive waste remains the preferred option for long-term isolation. Geological considerations will be discussed.