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Dave Jennette and Jerry Bellian spent the week of April 1–7, 2001 with Professor Carlos Aiken and Dr. Xueming Xu from The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) studying an outcrop of deep-water channel complexes on the southern California coast near San Clemente. This data acquisition, sponsored by Chevron, marks the Bureau's first attempt to combine classical high-resolution, bedding-scale reservoir description with UTD's state-of-the-art cybermapping.


UTD’s 3-D outcrop imaging, or cybermapping, uses lasers, GPS, and digital photography to produce photorealistic, 3-D reconstructions of outcrops. Professor Aiken and Dr. Xu have developed 3-D virtual outcrop of the Austin Chalk and will soon finish a 3-D interpretation of the Jackfork Sandstone at Big Quarry, Arkansas. For more information on UTD's research program, go to:


Professor Aiken and Dr. Xu prepare to present UTD's 3-D cybermapping project to researchers at the Bureau.


Dave Jennette introduces Professor Aiken and Dr. Xu before their Bureau presentation on March 11, 2001.