Attending the meeting, from left, were Jay Raney, Doug Ratcliff, Peter Flawn, Decker Dawson, Scott Tinker, Russell Slayback (Committee Chair), Eric Potter, Jim Gibbs, Bill Gipson, Bill Fisher, and Charles Groat.
  Flawn holds the card that features a photo of him during his field days in West Texas from his memoir recently published by the Bureau, Texas Geologist and the Bureau of Economic Geology, 1949–1970, while Scott Tinker enjoys the occasion.
Peter T. Flawn shows off his tektite bolo, which Bureau Director Scott W. Tinker presented to him to thank him for his "wise counsel" as Chair of the Advisory Committee to the Bureau. Now President Emeritus of The University of Texas at Austin, Flawn also served as Director of the Bureau from 1960 to 1970.
The bolo, designed specifically for Flawn, features a bediasite, a tektite found in Central Texas, from the tektite collection of Virgil E. Barnes, a longtime Bureau colleague and friend of Flawn's. Tektites are small glassy objects thought to be created from the impact of meteorites.  
Technical presentations by Bureau staff give the Advisory Committee the opportunity to keep abreast of current Bureau research.
  Standing, Senior Research Scientist Martin Jackson gave the committee an overview of the activities of the Applied Geodynamics Laboratory's new Web-based atlas of salt tectonics, "The Salt Mine."
Attendees in photo are (from left) Scott Tinker, Jim Gibbs, Bill Gipson, Stephen Shaw,
Russell Slayback, Charles Groat, and Peter Flawn.
Bureau Information Geologist Sigrid Clift described the Bureau's public outreach program to the committee.