Bureau a Hit at AMGP Annual Meeting in Veracruz

The Bureau of Economic Geology was highly visible at the 4th Joint AMGP/AAPG International Conference, Exploration and Development of Gas Plays, in Veracruz, Mexico, November 4–7, 2001. The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for the Bureau to roll out its latest research (conducted for PEMEX) on the Veracruz and Macuspana Basins that is now in the concluding phase.

Bureau Director Scott Tinker helped organize the meeting, serving on the Steering Committee. Luis Sánchez-Barreda and Dave Jennette chaired technical sessions; Lesli Wood, Scott Tinker, and Bill Ambrose made oral presentations; Dave Jennette and Bill Ambrose held poster sessions; and Martin Jackson taught a three-day short course on Salt Tectonics.

The Bureau also published a field trip guidebook, Genesis and Controls of Reservoir-Scale Carbonate Deformation, Monterrey Salient, Mexico, for a trip led by Randy Marrett of the UT Department of Geological Sciences. (Guidebook 28 is available from the Bureau's Publication Sales Office.)

Alfredo Guzmán, Executive Coordinator for Exploration Strategies for PEMEX explains the Bureau’s current research in Mexico to Luis Ramirez Corzo, Director of PEMEX Exploration and Production. left to right: Doug Ratcliff (BEG Associate Director), Luis Sánchez-Barreda (BEG Coordinator for Latin American Programs), Rick Fritz (AAPG Executive Director), Alfredo Guzmán, Luis Ramirez Corzo