Is Dirt Just Dirt?

Not if you win a ribbon for excellence.
Students in Stephen Boese's fourth grade class at Blanton Elementary, in partnership with the Bureau, were awarded a ribbon for excellence for their presentation of the results of their experiment "Is Dirt just Dirt" at Austin Science Fun Day. Research Scientist Susan Hovorka mentored the class into an inquiry into the composition and origin of soil, starting with local samples and extending to samples collected contributed from various locations by Bureau staff. Blanton students then showed visitors to their booth how to make their own dirt by crushing rocks to make pebble, sand, and clay, and adding organics from compost. Austin Science Fun Day, organized by Texas Memorial Museum, was held March 2 as part of Explore UT. Bureau staff including David Stephens, Kelley Keese, Katie Kier, Rebecca Jones, and Bridget Scanlon, helped to host the students and provide logistical support.