AAPG Annual Meeting 2002:
Our Heritage-Key to Global Discovery

March 10–13, 2002
Houston, Texas

Fractures, Salt, Seismic, and Ice: Vital Research Components of America's Natural Gas Energy Future S. W. Tinker
Pliocene and Miocene Shoreface Gas Plays in the Macuspana Basin, Southeastern Mexico W. A. Ambrose, T. Wawrzyniec, K. Fouad, M. Holtz, S. Sakurai, et al.
3-Dimensional Digital Outcrop Data Collection and Analysis Using Eye-Safe Laser (LIDAR) Technology J. Bellian, D. Jennette, C. Kerans, J. Gibeaut, J. Andrews, et al.
Interaction Between Quartz Cementation and Fracturing in Sandstones R. Lander, J. F. Gale, S. Laubach, L. Bonnell
Sequence Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Distribution of Miocene Plays: A Case Study from Starfak and Tiger Shoal Fields, Offshore Louisiana T. Hentz, H. Zeng, L. Wood
Estranged Neighbors: Independent Tectonic Evolution of the Onshore and Offshore Kwanza Salt Basins, Angola M. Hudec and M. P. A. Jackson
Salt Tectonics M. P. A. Jackson
Past and Future Gas Play Potential of the Neogene in the Veracruz Basin, Southern Mexico D. Jennette, K. Fouad, T. Wawrzyniec, J. Meneses-Rocha, M. Holtz, et al.
Stratigraphic Traps in Miocene Turbidite Reservoirs, Veracruz Basin, Mexico: New Plays for the Gulf Coast Basin D. Jennette, K. Fouad, F. Grimaldo, R. Muñoz, C. Williams, D. Barrera
Predicting Permeability from Well Logs in Carbonates with a Link to Geology for Interwell Permeability Mapping J. Jennings and F. J. Lucia
Modeling Coupled Fracture-Matrix Fluid Flow in Simulated Fracture Patterns Z. Philip, J. Jennings, J. Olson, S. Laubach
Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Systems—Revisiting the Reciprocal Model C. Kerans
Are Open Fractures Necessarily Aligned with Maximum Horizontal Stress? S. Laubach, J. F. Gale, J. Olson
Natural Fracture and Diagenetic Controls on Producibility of Low Permeability, Upper Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation Sandstones, Piceance Basin, Colorado S. Cumella, S. Laubach, O. Ortega, A. Makowitz, P. Rijken
Isolated Platform Top-Set Sequence Development: Role of Island-Margin Back-Cutting and Infill: Pleistocene of Providenciales, Caicos Platform, BWI A. Brown and R. Loucks
Controls on Late Guadalupian Toe-Of-Slope Bedding-Termination Patterns, Guadalupe Mountains: Implications for Carbonate Sequence Analysis A. Brown and R. Loucks
Evaluation of Anhydrite Seals through Depositional, Structural, and Lithological Analysis; Example from the Jurassic Arab Formation, Al Rayyan Field, Qatar A. Brown and R. Loucks
Locating New Oil in Old Carbonate Reservoirs F. J. Lucia, J. Jennings, C. Kerans, S. C. Ruppel
Integrating Outcrop Data and Modern Subsurface Logs to Define New Opportunities for Exploitation of Remaining Oil in Carbonate Reservoirs: Permian, West Texas S. C. Ruppel
Modeling of "Drag" Folds Bordering Salt Diapirs D. Schultz-Ela

Facies and Depositional Environments of the Boquillas Formation, Upper Cretaceous, Southwest Texas

R. Trevino and C. Smith
3-D Kinematics of Minibasins and Salt Ridges Remobilized by Late Contraction: Physical Models and Seismic Examples (SE Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico) B. Vendeville and M. Rowan
3-D Visualization and Fault-Slip Analysis of Physical Models of Normal-Fault Relays above Evaporites J. Le Calvez, B. Vendeville, and M. Hudec
Contribution of Physical Modeling to Understanding Salt Tectonics in the Eastern Nile Deep-Sea Fan L. Loncke, B. Vendeville, V. Gaullier, and J. Mascle
Using Quantitative Seismic Sedimentology to Predict Reservoir Architecture and Lithology: A Gulf Coast Miocene-Pliocene Example L. Wood and H. Zeng
The Tectonic Evolution of the Southern Margin of North America: Insight from an Interdisciplinary Investigation of Basin Evolution along the Southern Gulf of Mexico T. Wawrzyniec, J. Meneses-Rocha, K. Fouad, W. A. Ambrose, D. Jennette, et al.
Exploration Significance of Petroleum Systems Evaluation in the Veracruz Basin, Mexico S. Talukdar, T. Wawrzyniec, K. Fouad, D. Jennette, D. Dunlap, et al.
The Physical Stratigraphy of Deep-Water Strata: A Hierarchical Approach to the Analysis of Genetically Related Stratigraphic Elements for Improved Reservoir Prediction A. Sprague, M. Sullivan, K. Campion, G. Jensen, F. Goulding, T. Garfield, D. Sickafoose, C. Rossen, D. Jennette, et al.