Quantitative Prediction of Petrophysical Properties
Using Diagenetic Models

Robert H. Lander1

Advances in diagenesis over the past ten years have made it possible for the first time to accurately predict the physical properties of some sandstone types away from well or outcrop control data. These advances are based on a breakthrough in the classic diagenetic problem of quartz cementation coupled with important new models for sandstone compaction and permeability. When integrated with depositional and burial history models, these diagenetic models can be used to predict critical rock properties such as porosity and permeability through both time and space. Workers are now trying to extend these models to predict the effects of faulting and fracturing on sandstone fluid-flow characteristics as well as to predict seismic attributes and other fundamental rock properties.

1Geocosm, Austin, Texas; e-mail: roblander@geocosm.net; Visiting Scientist, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, University Station Box X, Austin, Texas 78713.