Mapping of Padre Island National Seashore and
NPS mapping support in Texas

James C. Gibeaut, principal investigator; Thomas A. Tremblay, Tiffany L. Hepner, Rachel L. Waldinger, and William A. White

In 1980, BEG published a map titled Geology and Natural Environments of Padre Island National Seashore based on aerial photographs taken in 1975. The geology and natural environments have changed significantly over the past 28 years, and now the National Park Service is funding a 2-year program to remap this dynamic environment. BEG researchers are remapping Padre Island National Seashore using the 1980 map as a template for the new map. The mapping is based on color infrared digital orthophotos acquired in 2003 and field studies to verify the mapping. Photo interpretation and mapping of geo-environmental units is being conducted at a scale of 1:8,000 or larger. The final map will be at least as accurate as 1:24,000-scale U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Quadrangle maps.

The new map will provide data for evaluation of the many changes in both geology and natural environments that have occurred since 1975. This information is valuable for park management and helps meet the objectives of the National Inventory and Monitoring Program. This work will also benefit from ongoing studies in the Laguna Madre area funded by other sources.


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