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The Library's core collection, formerly Unocal's Exploration & Production Library, includes primarily monographs and journals on geology, geophysics and petroleum engineering; geological maps; geological atlases; USGS publications and maps; US Bureau of Mines publications. The collection also includes monographs on mining geology and civil engineering. Holdings are extensive and exceed 80,000 volumes. Additional titles and volumes are being incorporated as individuals and companies donate materials.
Periodical Holdings.

Giving to the HRC Library
Giving to the HRC Library supports the academic research of the BEG as well as the intellectual needs of industry. Gifts of any type or amount can help enrich our holdings, expand our services, and preserve our collections. All contributions promote the mission of the Library: "...to strive for excellence in providing access to information for the worldwide community of geoscientists. Working with members of the community, the Houston Research Center Library supports the life-long learning efforts of the Library users."

While donations of library materials such as books, periodical runs, maps, etc. are always appreciated, monetary contributions can address the Library’s most serious needs and ultimately provide superior service to Library users. Giving can be accomplished by mailing or personally delivering library materials, cash or check. The Library will acknowledge a gift as the donor sees fit, within reason. Book plates, plaques, and other forms of announcement are only a few examples of methods of acknowledgement.

For more information, please contact Randy McDonald.

Visitors are welcome to review the materials at their own pace in a public work area as the Library is open-stacks and on-site use only. Selection and copying are the responsibility of the patron. Scanning capabilities are also available. Interlibrary loan services are not available at this time. Persons needing interlibrary loans are encouraged to visit their neighborhood branch of the public library system in which they reside.

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