Digital 15-minute GAT (Geologic Atlas of Texas) Quads for the State of Texas
(Projection: TSMS (NAD 83))

The color map above is a screen capture of a state-wide composite of the all of the 1133 GAT Quads in an ArcView 3.x view using an auto-loading Avenue script, representing 1.6 GB of raster data. Printing the map on a wide-bed, color plotter will reveal more detail than the image shown here. It was generated on a 3.05 GHz GIS PC with 1GB of RAM. The ability to load all of the Digital GAT Quads (and print them) is dependent upon the computer processing speed and available RAM (the faster with more RAM, the better).
GAT Quad and legend files are divided geographically into SE, NE, NW, and SW quadrants of the state (approximately 2.05 GB total)

This dataset, designed for use with ArcView GIS 3.x and 8.x software products, consists of 1133 georeferenced 15-minute GAT (Geologic Atlas of Texas) quadrangle tiff images along with 1357 scanned legend and formation description images. The world file extension has been changed to "tfw" (from "tifw") for compatibility with other GIS software products that are sensitive to the "tifw" file extension (e.g., Map Info). Layer files (used in ArcView 8.x) for the 1-degree quads have been included to display up to 16 GAT Sheets at a time as a seamless image. Pyramid image files are included for faster frame redraw in ArcView 8.x.

Source: John D. Estepp, P.G. TCEQ Surface Casing

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DQ NE……..……$10
DQ NW……….…$10
DQ SE…………..$10
DQ SW………….$10
DQ All4………….$40

Plus handling and sales tax if shipped to a Texas address.


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