AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California    December 5–9, 2005
Posters, presentations, and abstracts summarizing Frio results.



S. M. Benson

Pressure Buildup Data Collection and Analysis from the Frio Brine Pilot [poster in PDF]

S. M. Benson, K. Pruess, and C. A. Doughty

Pressure Buildup Data Collection and Analysis during Carbon Dioxide Injection at the Frio Brine Pilot [Abstract]

T. M. Daley, L. R. Myer, G. M. Hoversten, and J. E. Peterson

Borehole Seismic Monitoring of Injected CO2 at the Frio Site [Abstract] [PDF]

Christine Doughty

Flow Modeling for CO2 Sequestration: The Frio Brine Pilot [Abstract] [poster in PDF]

Y. K. Kharaka, D. R. Cole, W. D. Gunter, J. J. Thordsen, and Evangelos Kakouros

Gas-Water-Rock Interactions in Saline Aquifers Following CO2 Injection: Results from the Frio Formation, Texas, USA [Abstract] [PDF]

S. D. McCallum, T. J. Phelps, D. E. Riestenberg, B. M. Freifeld, and R. C. Trautz

Interpretation of Perfluorocarbon Tracer Data Collected during the Frio CO2 Sequestration Test [Abstract] [poster in PDF]

Shinichi Sakurai, Susan Hovorka, Mark Holtz, and Seay Nance

The Frio Brine Pilot Experiment: Managing CO2 Sequestration in a Brine Formation [Abstract] [PDF]

R. C. Trautz, B. M. Freifeld, C. Doughty, S. M. Benson, T. J. Phelps, and S. D. McCallum

Field Characterization of Reservoir Flow Paths Using Miscible and Immiscible Tracer Tests [Abstract]

December 2005