2005 Presentations








1st Author


Meeting and Date


AGU Fall Meeting: Presenters, titles, and abstracts

December 5–9, San Francisco, California


AAPG Annual Convention: Presenters, titles, and abstracts

June 19-22, Calgary


4th Annual Conference on Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Presenters and titles   

May 2–5, Alexandria, Virginia

W. Ambrose

Moon Crater Morphology and Styles of Degradation [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar, February 18

L. F. Brown

Application of 3-D Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy in Maturely Drilled Areas, Example from the Eastern Shelf of the West Texas Basin [Abstract]

SIPES, luncheon talk, San Antonio, November 22

L. F. Brown

Understanding Growth-Faulted, Intraslope Subbasins by Applying Sequence-Stratigraphic Principles: Examples from the South Texas Oligocene Frio Formation [Abstract]

Baylor University Seminar, February 18

E. Collins

Structural Characteristics of the Balcones Fault Zone and Edwards Aquifer within the Austin-San Antonio-Del Rio Region of Central Texas [Abstract]

South-Central Section GSA Annual Meeting, San Antonio, April 1–2

B. Blakeney DeJarnett

The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology: Core, Sample, and Log Repositories [PDF]

Houston Gem and Mineral Society, October 25

S. Dutton

Curation of Continental Scientific Cores and Samples at the Houston Research Center [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar, September 23

S. Dutton

Curation of Continental Scientific Cores and Samples

NSF workshop, Arlington, Virginia, August 22–24

S. Fomel

Estimating Structural Uncertainty in Seismic Images [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar, October 14

S. Fomel

Wave-Equation Angle-Domain Imaging for Multicomponent Seismic Data

European Assoc. of Geoscientists and Engineers and SEG Workshop, Pau, France, September 5–8

S. Fomel

Estimating Seismic Attenuation by Local Frequency Analysis

SEG Development & Production Forum, June

J. Gibeaut

Patterns of Gulf of Mexico Shoreline Change in Texas [presentation in PDF format]

Coastal Texas 2020 Technical Erosion Conference, Houston, September 14

J. Gibeaut

The Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program: A Program in Education, Public Awareness, and Coastal Management [Extended Abstract]

Coastal Zone 05 Conference, New Orleans, July 17–20

U. Hammes

Sequence Architecture and Structural Setting of a Growth-Faulted Subbasin, Frio Formation, South Texas [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar, April 29

U. Hammes

Gas Reservoir Compartmentalization in Lowstand Prograding-Wedge Deltaic Systems: Oligocene Upper Lower Frio Formation, South Texas [Abstract]

Baylor University Seminar, February 18

M. Holtz

Optimizing Permanent CO2 Sequestration in Brine-Bearing Aquifers: Example from the Frio Formation, Gulf of Mexico [Abstract]

WTGS Lunch Presentation, Midland, March 8

S. Hovorka

Geologic Assessments of Karst Areas (with Particular Reference to the Requirements of Texas 213) [short course]

Conference on Sinkholes and the Engineering & Environmental Impacts of Karst, San Antonio, September 24-28

M. Jackson

An Allochthonous Salt Canopy in the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar, February 11

R. Jones

Distribution of Reservoir Rock Fabrics and Petrophysical Classes: Fullerton Clear Fork field, West Texas [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar, April 8

M. Ward and S. Laubach

Opening history and porosity evolution of fractures in sandstone beneath an evaporite detachment, Gulf of Mexico Basin [Abstract]

2005 Southwest Section AAPG, Fredericksburg, April 10–13

A. Lindley and S. Hovorka

The Hydrologic Function of the Soil and Bedrock System at Upland Sinkholes in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone of South-Central Texas

Conference on Sinkholes and the Engineering & Environmental Impacts of Karst, San Antonio, September 24-28

A. Lindley

Hydrologic Function of Small Sinkholes in the Uplands of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone of Central and South Texas, U.S.A [poster of Master's thesis work]

International Association of Hydrogeologists Conference, Yugoslavia, September 14

B. Loucks

Three-Dimensional Architecture of a Coalesced, Collapsed Paleocave System in the Lower Ordovician Ellenburger Group, Central Texas

Dallas Geologic Society, January 11

P. Murray

High-Resolution Images of Near-Seafloor Geology in Deep Water from Shear Waves [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar,
May 20

J.P. Nicot

Please Pass the Salt: Using Oil Fields for the Disposal of Concentrate from Desalination Plants [Abstract] [Presentation in PDF format]

National Ground Water Association’s 2005 Ground Water Summit, San Antonio, April 17-20

F. J. Lucia

The "Petro' Part of Carbonate Petrophysics: the Archie Approach

Petrophysical Knowledge Sharing Meeting, May 9

F. J. Lucia

Characterization of Touching-Vug Pore Systems

Anadarko, The Woodlands, April 4

F. J. Lucia

Hypersaline Reflux: A Density Driven Flow Model for Dolomitization

UT Department of Geological Sciences, February 11

R. Reed

Occurrence of Mineral-filled Microfractures in Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks as Determined by SEM-based cathodoluminescence Imaging [Abstract]

South-Central Section GSA Annual Meeting, San Antonio, April 1-2

S. Ruppel

Surprising Lessons from Multidisciplinary Characterization of a Permian Carbonate Platform Reservoir [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar, April 1

S. Ruppel

Key Issues and Questions in Paleozoic Carbonate Reservoir Plays of the Permian Basin

Permian Basin Section SEPM lunch presentation, February 15

S. Sakurai

Monitoring Saturation Changes for CO2 Sequestration:
Petrophysical Support of the Frio Brine Pilot Experiment [Abstract]

SPWLA Annual Symposium, New Orleans, June 26-29

S. Sakurai

Monitoring Saturation Changes for CO2 Sequestration: Petrophysical Support of the Frio Brine Pilot Experiment [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar, January 7

R. Smyth

Use of Lidar to Improve Estimates of Hydrologic Modeling Parameters [Abstract]

National Ground Water Association’s 2005 Ground Water Summit, San Antonio, April 17-20

S. Tinker

The Role of Coal in the Global Energy Future [Abstract] [PDF]

Future of Coal Energy Conference, Austin, December 14

S. Tinker

The Future of Global Energy [Abstract]

Nevada Petroleum Society, Reno, December 2

S. Tinker

Panel Session: Developing People: Education, Training, and Cultural Diversity

SPE-IPTC, Qatar, November 22

S. Tinker

A CO2 Industry in the Gulf Coast [PDF]

SPE ATW keynote lunch talk, Galveston, November 16

S. Tinker

Global Energy

Looking Toward the Future, Aera Energy, Bakersfield, November 10

S. Tinker

Beyond Conventional Oil

South Texas Geological Society, San Antonio, November 9

S. Tinker

Beyond EOR, the West Texas Energy Future [Abstract]

WTGS key note lunch talk, Midland, October 27

S. Tinker

Independents Must Think Unconventionally [Abstract] [Powerpoint]

IPAA keynote lunch talk, Houston, October 25

S. Tinker

Session Chair: Future Global Oil Supply/Demand Balance

NRC Workshop on Peak Oil Production, Washington, October 20

S. Tinker


UT Engineering Foundation Advisory Council, Austin, October 15

S. Tinker

High Oil Prices Panel

UT Economics Professors, Austin, October 5

S. Tinker

The Future of Global Energy

Learning Acvitivies for Mature People, Austin, October 5

S. Tinker

Future Trends: Jackson School Program in Unconventional Gas and CO2 Sequestration

JSG Latin American Forum, Austin, September 18

S. Tinker

A Federal Role in Energy: Opportunities and Public Realities (Keynote Lunch Presentation)

SAIC Roundtable and Discussion Forum, August 3

S. Tinker

Unconventional Gas and Global Energy

Highland Lakes Energy Industry Network Group, Marble Falls, July 29

S. Tinker

Division of Professional Affairs Luncheon: The "I" in BusIness Ethics [Abstract]

Systematic Variations in the Capitan Depositional System: McKittrick Canyon, West Texas and New Mexico [Abstract]

AAPG Annual Convention, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, June 19–22

S. Tinker

It’s not about Peak Oil [Full text]

Op-ed article, June

S. Tinker

Unconventional Gas Resources

East Texas Geological Society, Tyler, April 27

S. Tinker

AAPG Distinguished Ethics Lecture Tour: The “I” in BusIness EthIcs [Abstract]

San Joaquin Geological Society, November 10
Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, August 19
Kansas Geological Survey, August 17
American Association of Petroleum Geologists, DPA, June 21
South Central GSA Meeting, April 1

Assorted venues

S. Tinker

Unconventional Resources to Play Vital Supply Role as World Transitions to Gas

North Texas Energy Council 17th Annual Symposium, SMU, March 8

S. Tinker

Unconventional Gas Resources

Invited, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, Dallas, March 8

S. Tinker

Oil and Natural Gas Price: The Past May Not Be a Key to the Future

UT 2005 Energy Finance Conference, Houston, February 17

S. Tinker

Unconventional Gas and Global Energy

Shreveport Geological Society, February 15

M. Tomasso

Taking Outcrops to the Next Level: Visualization, Characterization, and Interpretation of Clastic Analogs Using Lidar Technology

Dept. of Geology, University College Dublin, July

K. D. Tushman

Expanding the Tectonic History of the Highlands: a Strain Study Utilizing Fractures from Cambrian Eriboll Group Sandstones [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar, October 7

K. D. Tushman

Fracture Arrays in a Subthrust Setting: Cambrian Eriboll Group Sandstones, NW Scotland [Abstract]

South-Central Section GSA Annual Meeting, San Antonio, April 1-2

L. Wood

Deltas of Mars: Life in the Martian Marshes

Austin Astronomical Society, September 9

L. Wood

Mars: Water Planet

Austin Gem and Mineral Society, March 28

H. Zeng

Seismic Sedimentology for High-Resolution Reservoir Imaging

Schlumberger/WesternGeco meeting, Houston, November 9

H. Zeng

Mapping Sandstone Distribution in High-Frequency Sequences Using Seismic Sedimentology in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar, September 30

H. Zeng

Inversion for High-Resolution Reservoir Modeling: a Progressive Approach [Abstract]

Bureau Seminar, April 15