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"Catch up" with Bureau employees and student employees who have moved on and to link to other UT alumni organizations. To update information or to be added to the Alumni Directory, please contact Deborah Thomas at 512-471-1534 or
e-mail deborah.thomas@beg.utexas.edu.
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Alumni Updates
Hwanjo Baek, Ph.D. 1994, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin. During his time at the Bureau he worked with Steve Laubach on fracture and fracture mechanics properties prediction using examples from West Texas reservoirs. His area of specialty is geological engineering. Research interests include the stability assessment of rock and earth slopes, fracture characterization for underground rock structures, and applications of GIS. Professor, Department of Environmental and Geosystem Engineering, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, 200-701, South Korea. Telephone: +82 33 250 6257 (voice/fax) E-mail: hwanjo@kangwon.ac.kr.
Don Bebout. Since leaving the Bureau in December 1994, Don has been occupied full time with design, production, and sale of stoneware pottery, where he sells at galleries and stores in and around Austin. Please contact him via E-mail, dbebout@mail.utexas.edu, or call him at his studio, Clay Ways, at 512-459-6445, or at home at 512-452-2430.
Aimee Beveridge was a GRA working on fractures with Steve Laubach. Currently she is the technical manager of the Voluntary Cleanup Program and Brownfields Response Program at the Railroad Commission of Texas. Prior to joining the RRC, Ms. Beveridge worked as an environmental consultant involved in Phase I and Phase II site assessments, groundwater investigations and emission inventories for clients in the chemical, oil & natural gas processing industries. She was also employed by Shell Western Exploration and Production, involved in drilling projects in the San Joaquin Basin in California and the Oligocene Frio Trend in Texas. Ms. Beveridge has a B.S. degree from the University of Texas and a M.S. degree from University of Southern California, both in geology. She is active in cave exploration, conservation, and mapping of caves and is currently the Vice Chair of the U.T. Grotto and a board member of the Texas Cave Management Association.
Janet M. Combes is a geologist at ExxonMobil Production Company in Houston, Texas. Contact her at jmcombes@msn.com, 713-431-1103 (work) or 713-431-1982 (fax).
Carolyn Condon is a Quality Assurance Team Leader, Compliance Support Division, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). CCONDON@tnrcc.state.tx.us
Steve Cumella (B.S., 1977, M.A., 1981) is a senior staff geologist at Williams Production in Denver.
Dow Davidson. Web link to Dow's consulting companies, Curatorial Science Consultants, at www.realtime.net/~edowdavd/CSC.html.
Michelle Debus (Mallien), B.S., 1990, is a geologist for Oakrock Exploration Company in San Antonio, Texas. She was president of the South Texas Geological Society (2002–2003) and an AAPG delagate. Michelle is busy exploring South Texas for natural gas and raising her 3 children. E-mail mmdebus@ix.netcom.com.
Richard Debus (former M.S. candidate). Richard is Exploration Manager for Oakrock Exploration Company in San Antonio. He is busy writing papers, giving talks, and exploring South Texas for natural gas. He has 3 daughters and a son. E-mail rwdebus@ix.netcom.com.
Bruce A. Desselle is currently a Vice-President at Total Biostratigraphic Services, Inc., in Slidell, Louisiana, which specializes in high-resolution biostratigraphic interpretation utilizing foraminifera and calcareous nannoplankton. Areas of expertise include Gulf of Mexico Basin, Trinadad, and Nigeria. In-house and wellsite paleo provided to major oil industry clients. E-mail badtbs@aol.com.
Marc Edwards (graduated BEG March 81) has been a geological consultant in Houston for nearly 20 years. The kids are leaving the nest, spreading from California (Sun) to Denton (UNT) to Missouri (WashU). He is punch drunk from the 2-decades of roller coaster, but thankfully the work keeps coming along (June 2002). For more info, please visit his website at www.marcedwards.com.
Rob Finley has been at the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS), Champaign, Illinois, since February, 2000, where he is Director of the Energy and Earth Resources Center. Staff in that Center carry out ISGS programs in oil & gas, coal, environmental engineering, applied geochemistry, industrial minerals, and Illinois Basin structure & stratigraphy. He has been working with state agency heads as part of the Governor's Energy Cabinet, developing energy market analyses from the perspective of a consuming state, and working on expanding ISGS' energy research programs. Rob's wife Sandy has a position with the University of Illinois developing strategies for teaching excellence among new faculty and graduate teaching assistants. 217-244-8389. finley@isgs.uiuc.edu.
Alan E. Fryar (BEG 1992-1995) is now an Associate Professor of Geological Sciences (specializing in hydrogeology), Co-editor, Environmental & Engineering Geoscience, and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Kentucky. Together with his wife, Carol Ruthven (who worked at BEG from 1992-1996), they have two sons, Michael and Scott. Contact Alan at the Department of Geological Sciences, University of Kentucky, 101 Slone Building, Lexington, KY 40506-0053. Phone 1-859-257-4392; fax 1-859-323-1938. E-mail afryar1@uky.edu. Web http://www.uky.edu/AS/Geology/fryar/homepage/welcomehome.html.
Robert Goldhammer was an assistant professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at UT Austin, teaching undergraduate and graduate classes in carbonate geology and receiving the department's Knebel Outstanding Teaching award. His graduate students worked on a myriad of projects (from Mexico to Italy to west Africa, outcrop and subsurface). His wife (Uschi Hammes) lives in Austin with their children, Nora and Max. Bob's hobbies included unicycle-riding, guitar-playing, watching the Godfather trilogy, and calling old BEG friends from his cell phone while stuck in traffic, especially Bruno, Ramón, and Charlie. Bob died on May 26, 2003, in a tragic car accident in West Texas. Click here to read the Geology Foundation Memorial. An AAPG Memorial Grant has been established in Bob's name. Send contributions to the following address: Robert K. Goldhammer Memorial Grant, AAPG Foundation, ATTN: Diane Keim, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, OK 74101. Please make checks payable to AAPG Foundation.
Thomas W. Grimshaw (Ph.D., 1976) is Director of Professional Services at Shaw Beneco, Inc., where he has been employed (including predecessor organizations) since leaving the Bureau in 1997. Tom's home address is 1308 Shannon Oaks Trail, Austin, TX, 78746. His phone number and E-mail address are 512-784-1078 and thomas.w@grimshaw.com.
José I. Guzmán is currently in the Reservoir Delineation and Characterization Department of PDVSA Intevep, the R&D branch of PDVSA in Venezuela. For the past few years he has been involved in a major geological integration of the giant sub-thrust fields of the Eastern Venezuelan Basin, as Technical Leader for the sequence stratigraphic, sedimentologic, and multi-scale compartmentation models. He has also been involved in research on the applications of ichnology to enhance the resolution of stratigraphic correlations in clastic reservoirs. guzmanjim@pdvsa.com.
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Barry Hibbs (BEG 1992-1994) is an Associate Professor of Hydrogeology at California State University, Los Angeles. Together with colleagues at the University of Arizona and New Mexico Tech., he continues to study the hydrogeology of arid basins of westernmost Texas and northern Chihuahua Mexico—systems that he was introduced to while employed at the Bureau. bhibbs@calstatela.edu. work: 323-343-2414.
Laura Inés Net worked with the FRAC group on diagenesis issues as a GRA. She's a recent UT graduate. She can be contacted at Geóloga área de Exploración, Pioneer Natural Resources (Argentina) S.A., Della Paolera 265, piso 23, C1001ADA Buenos Aires ARGENTINA.Phone (54-11) 4312-9081; e-mail netl@pioneernrc.com.
Allan Kolker Eastern Energy Resources Team, U.S. Geological Survey, 956 National Center, Reston, VA 20192. Allan was recently elected a Fellow of the Geological Society of America. akolker@usgs.gov. 703-648-6418. Fax: 703-648-6419.
Elisabeth C. Kosters has her own company, Elisabeth Kosters Consultancy, which focuses on sedimentary geology and advisory services and interim management for research and higher education. Her address is 210 Main street, Wolfville NS, Canada B4P 1C4. Website: www.elisabethkostersconsultancy.ca. Phone 902-542-6125. E-mail: eckosters@hotmail.com.
Hemin A. Koyi is associated with the Hans Ramberg Tectonic Laboratory Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, Villavägen 16, SE-752 36 Uppsala, Sweden. Visit his web page at http://www.tectonic.geo.uu.se/HAK
Richard (Rip) Langford is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas at El Paso. langford@geo.utep.edu. 915-747-5968.
Joël Le Calvez lives in College Station, Texas, working for Schlumberger–DCS within the Holditch-Reservoir Technologies group. Contact him at 512-507-3634 or E-mail lecalvezj@yahoo.com.
Malcolm P. R. Light is working for the University of London, UK, at CPOM on polar climate modeling and methane hydrates in the permafrost and submarine Arctic. In his spare time he is studying ancient man in Africa and the Orient. malcolmlight@hotmail.com.
Robert E. Mace is an assistant division director at the Texas Water Development Board (www.twdb.state.tx.us) overseeing the development of numerical models for the aquifers of Texas (www.twdb.state.tx.us/gam/). He continues to make strange noises with his mouth (www.whirlingpool.com/) while wrenching on small machines (www.whirlingpool.com/isetta/).
Rick P. Major (1985–1998). Rick is professor and chairman of the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, The University of Mississippi. 662-915-5440. rpm@olemiss.edu.

Barbara Marin is manager of petrographic services at TerraTek in Salt Lake City. Barb worked on fractures with Steve Laubach during her time at the Bureau. E-mail address: bmarin@terratek.com. Telephone: 801-584-2494. Fax: 801-584-2406. Website: http://www.terratek.com/.

Steve Martel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geology and Geophysics, a unit of SOEST, at the University of Hawaii. He has been a member of the faculty since 1992. He serves as Associate Department Chair from July 1, 2002, through June 30, 2003. Prior to coming to Hawaii he worked at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin. Steve worked with Martin Jackson and Steve Laubach on fault and fracture research during his time at BEG. Visit his web page: http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/martel/Stevem.html. E-mail address: smartel@hawaii.edu

When W. N. McAnulty was working on the Cathedral Mt. Quad I was his Field assistant and at the same time was his teaching lab assistant at then called Sul Ross State College.. Later I receiver the Walter B. Sharp Scholarship at Univ Austin in 1950-51and 52.

Was also owner of the famous Woodward Ranch at Alpine,TX but have turned it over to my sons.

Now retired Consulting Geol at

3605 Fort Blvd.

Elpaso,TX 79930-5503

Phone 915-565-0205


Auburn Mitchell works in the rulemaking area at Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Auburn deals mainly with water and waste rules, but also manages some projects involving air quality regulations. His phone number is (512)-239-1873.
P. K. "Muki" Mukhopadhyay. Muki is currently President of his company, Global Geoenergy Research Ltd., (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) coordinating contract research on petroleum system analysis/modeling, environmental geochemistry, and coalbed methane studies in Eastern Canada and throughout the world. During 1990–2002, Muki edited four major books for Elsevier Sciences and the American Chemical Society and received the following awards/recognitions: "Citation of Recognition" and "Ambassador Award" from the Province of Nova Scotia for contributions to the development of oil and gas industries in Nova Scotia; President, TSOP; Member, co-opted Council Member, AGI; Research Committee, AAPG. Muki has published 51 articles. muki@global-geoenergy.com.
Bill Mullican is Deputy Executive Administrator for the Office of Planning at the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). Bill joined the TWDB in 1997, working to implement Regional and State Water Planning, the Groundwater Availability Modeling (GAM) program, surface water modeling, water conservation, population and water demand projections, and the water use survey. Recently promoted, his areas of responsibility have expanded to include water data collection, environmental programs, and research and planning fund management. Bill worked at the BEG from 1983 to 1997, conducting a wide range of hydrogeologic research on groundwater issues in Texas.
Robin C. Nava is working as Intellectual Property Counsel for Schlumberger K.K. in Fuchinobe, Japan. Rnava@slb.com.
Orlando Ortega is currently working for Shell International Exploration and Production on the regional characterization of natural fractures in Rocky Mountains basins with a focus on basin-centered gas plays. His phone number is 281-303113. His E-mail is Orlando.Ortega@Shell.com
Jonathan G. Price is Director/State Geologist for the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, MS 178, University of Nevada, Reno, Reno, NV 89557-0088. Jonathan was a BEG employee from 1981–1988. jprice@unr.edu.
Claudia Rassi, PhD. (2002) left the Jackson School after graduation and joined ChevronTexaco in San Ramon, CA. Besides enjoying the sunny state of California, she is involved with the Southern African Strategic Business Unit, specifically the Angola group. After a certain time of training in the U.S. she will take an overseas assignment in one of the various locations of the ChevronTexaco International Business Unit.
Jason Rush is currently employed by Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation in Houston, working in the International Group as a Production Geologist. Jason will begin his Ph.D. studies at the University of Houston in 2002. Office: 281-552-1118. E-mail: jason_rush@oxy.com.

Carol L. Ruthven, Ph.D. After working at the Bureau of Economic Geology from 1992-1996, Carol Ruthven joined the Kentucky Geological Survey at the University of Kentucky in April 1996 as the Manager of Communications and Technology Transfer. She's since left the KY survey to study theology and become an Episcopal priest; currently she is a second-year student at Sewanee/University of the South, School of Theology. Contact information: Carol Lynn Ruthven, M.Div., Middler, Diocese of Lexington. E-mail: ruthvcl9@sewanee.edu .

Richard A. Schatzinger is now working as a consultant and out of the United States most of the time. The work with Pemex in the Veracruz Basin is wonderful for a carbonate sedimentologist. Lots more discoveries to be made! rschatzi49@hotmail.com.
Andrew R. Scott and his wife, Donna Balin, live in San Antonio where they have independent consulting groups and share office space. Andrew continues to pursue domestic and international coalbed methane opportunities and served as President of the Energy Minerals Division of AAPG from 2001 to 2002. He recently received funding from the Department of Energy to pursue Phase I of carbon dioxide sequestration and bioconversion in coal beds. andrew@altuda.com.
Steven Seni is Assistant Director for Environmental Services at the Railroad Commission in Austin. Telephone 512-475-4439. steven.seni@rrc.state.tx.us.
Ross L. Shipman continues to consult in managing minerals and oil and gas production for widows and children of many of his old friends who have died. He continues to write and lecture on history subjects, particularly military history. His current "work-in-progress" is a Handbook of American Presidents, USA, CSA, and Republic of Texas, their cabinets and their spouses. Ross L. Shipman, PG, C. Geol., 1911 E. Lawndale Dr., San Antonio, Texas, 78209-2043.
Robert Single is living in Denver, Colorado, and is a geological consultant. E-mail: rss1218@aol.com.
Steve Stubbs. TNRCC. sstubbs@tnrcc.state.tx.us.
Tim Wawrzyniec is a Senior Research Scientist at the University of New Mexico, Northrop Hall, Room 223C, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131. 505-277-5629. E-mail: tfw@unm.edu. Visit his Website at http://epswww.unm.edu/facstaff/tfw/home.htm.
Marc D. Wink (BS Geology '85, BEG-CRC '86-'89) is currently an independent consultant specializing in software development methodology, IT project management and management coaching. After departing the CRC in 1989, Marc worked in Coalbed Methane in the San Juan, Warrior and Cahaba basins. In 1995, Marc successfully transitioned downstream, working with Tenneco (and El Paso post merger) in the Business Processes group, designing and testing pipeline business systems. Realizing opportunities in technology consulting, Marc joined EnFORM Consulting as a project manager and a key contributor developing project management and delivery methodologies. Marc most recently served as VP of Professional Services of SunGard Energy Systems in Houston.

Married in 1993, Marc’s spouse, Dulcie G. Wink, is an attorney with Haynes and Boone, LLP in Houston. Marc, Dulcie and son, Connor, live in Katy. Marc may be reached by e-mail at marc.wink@alumni.utexas.net.

Clayton H. Wilson has been working exploration offshore Angola at ExxonMobil since September 2001. He recently moved to The Woodlands, Texas, and completed his commercial pilot's license. He's playing trombone for the Conroe Symphony and the North Harris College Night Jazz band. Work E-mail: Clayton.h.wilson@exxonmobil.com. Home: Clawilson@sprintmail.com. Phone: 281-654-5770.
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