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dc Resource Center
In-house facility for the collection of maps, periodicals, publications, reports, well logs, and open-file materials available for public viewing.
  ps Publication Sales
Bureau research published since 1915. Maps, reports, atlases, books, guidebooks, cross sections, digital data, educational materials, rock kits, posters, page-size maps, and select GCAGS publications.
gl Geophysical Log Facility
Storage and public research facilities for donated geophysical well logs.
  bxcre Core Research Centers
Storage and public research facilities for donated geologic materials, including core, cuttings, outcrop samples, thin sections, and paleontology/palynology and geochemistry samples.
cc Houston Research Center Library
Over 80,000 volumes to assist in geoscience research, including monographs, journals, maps, and government documents.
  TCEQ Surface casing site Surface Casing Estimator Site
This web site provides operators with an estimate of casing depths to assist in obtaining the TCEQ Surface Casing Letter.
dd Available Digital Data
STATEMAP GIS, 15-Minute Quads, Carbon Dioxide Sequestration, Shoreline Change, Coastal Hazards Atlases, Sand Resources
  ig Integrated Core and Log Database (IGOR)
A searchable database of all geologic and geophysical materials stored at the Bureau. Search by state/province, API number, county/parish, operator, lease/well name, or field.
mdgscr "Madagascar" Open-Source Project
An open-source computational platform for geophysical data processing and numerical experiments for exploration and production.
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