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The Houston Research Center (HRC), is located on the west side of Houston, Texas, six miles north of I-10 and two miles south of U.S. Highway 290. This state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility is equipped to permanently store and curate over 900,000 boxes of geologic core and cuttings. The Houston, Austin, and Midland core facilities have combined holdings of nearly 2 million boxes of geologic material.

Resources and Services
In addition to the climate-controlled core and cuttings warehouse, the HRC complex has offices, laboratories, and a well-lit core layout room available for visiting scientists. There are also two conference rooms to accommodate guests attending short courses and seminars. Other services are available upon request. Nominal fees are charged to rent table space and to view core.
NSF Cores and Samples
The HRC has space dedicated for storing samples and cores acquired by NSF-funded research. The HRC curates this material and facilitates continued access to the material by researchers. For more information about utilizing these storage and curation services, please contact Beverly DeJarnett (713-983-9420). This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0331241.
Searchable Database
The Integrated Core and Log Database (IGOR) is a searchable database for all core and well cutting holdings. Some Austin and Midland data are not currently included in IGOR; please contact James Donnelly (512-471-0402) if you have any questions regarding this.
HRC Staff
Beverly DeJarnett, Geologist
Contact Beverly for geological support services, short courses, workshops, and seminars.
bev.dejarnett@beg.utexas.edu; 713-983-9420
Randy McDonald, Storage Supervisor
Contact Randy for policies, procedures, fees, and to arrange for core viewings.
randy.mcdonald@beg.utexas.edu; 713-466-8346

Darrell Haynes, Staff Assistant
darrell.haynes@beg.utexas.edu; 713-466-8346

Contact information
Austin Core Research Center
Devine Geophysical Test Site
Midland Core Research Center
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Integrated Core and Log Database (IGOR)
HRC Contact Information:
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
11611 West Little York Rd
Houston, Texas 77041
(713) 466-8346
Fax: (713) 466-7160
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