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The theme for this year's event is "Discovering the Bureau: Energy, Economics, and the Environment." Industry Day 2014 will highlight the Bureau's unique position among research institutions as an investigator of such key research areas as unconventional oil and gas exploration and production; energy economics; salt tectonics; natural fractures and structural diagenesis; subsurface micro- and nano-sensing; reservoir characterization in carbonates, mudrocks, and sandstones; carbon storage in geological reservoirs; and the increasingly important water-energy nexus. In addition, the event will feature one of the world's preeminent archives of well cores and cuttings.

Industry Day 2014 is targeted primarily to current and potential industry partners in the fields of conventional and unconventional energy production, and of environmental concern. The exposition is intended to increase understanding of Bureau research goals and objectives and to encourage further collaboration with our industry partners. Bureau Director Scott W. Tinker will deliver the keynote presentation, and we will welcome Scott Anderson of the Environmental Defense Fund and Peter Duncan of MicroSeismic for talks of interest. Students will also be spotlighted, presenting posters and summaries of their research studies.

BEG Core Research Center      Friday, April 11, 2014  
   9:30 – 10:25a.m.    Environmental Research Posters Staffed [list of posters/presenters: PDF]  
  10:30 – 11:25a.m.   Risks and Risk Controls for Unconventional Oil and Gas Development:
Scott Anderson, Environmental Defense Fund
  11:30a.m.       Lunch Served  
  11:45a.m – 12:20p.m.    Musings on Academic-Industry Partnerships:
Scott Tinker
  12:30 – 1:25p.m.   Energy Research Posters Staffed  
  1:30 – 2:25p.m.     Frac Monitoring Methods Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:
Peter M. Duncan, MicroSeismic
  2:30p.m.       Industry Day Closes  
  2:45 – 3:45p.m.    Special Session:  West Texas Resource Initiative:
Main Conference Room, Building 130
agenda Research showcased


All of us at the Bureau of Economic Geology invite you to a full day of activities showcasing the breadth of our energy and environmental research and the preeminent archive of well cores and cuttings housed at the Core Research Center. We’ll be treating you to lunch and providing you with a wide range of options from which your company can choose how best to utilize the Bureau’s work.

Industry Day will also be a great opportunity to get to know our award winning graduate students, so we welcome representatives from geosciences and environmental science recruiting teams.

If you can’t attend, please send a manager who would like to better understand the broad spectrum of the research at the Bureau of Economic Geology.

Questions? Contact Mark Blount

New Special Session!  BEG West Texas Resource Initiative
This special session will discuss the new Bureau initiative to undertake an unbiased, comprehensive, and publicly available analysis of future production rates for Permian Basin shales and related tight-lithology oil and gas plays, and how you can participate.

Learn more about this session - complete information available here soon.

This session will be held from 2:45 to 3:45p.m.

Austin Core Research Center,  Building 131, J. J. Pickle Research Campus,  10100 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas

CRC   map

The Austin Core Research Center (CRC), located adjacent to Bureau headquarters, is the Bureau's main core repository for core and rock material donated to the University. More than 500,000 boxes of core and cuttings from wells drilled throughout Texas, the U.S., and the world are available at this facility for public viewing and research. Austin, Houston, and Midland core facilities have combined holdings of nearly 2 million boxes of geologic material.


Click on the image above so see a detailed map of the J.J. Pickle Research Campus where the Bureau is located, and to ge t directions to the PRC campus.

NOTE: Guest parking passes are required and available free of charge. Please come to the Visitor's Entrance to the J.J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC), 10100 Burnet Road, Austin. Tell the guard that you are participating in the Bureau's Industry Day and you will be presented a free parking pass and parking instructions.

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