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TexNet Staff

TexNet is led by Dr. Alexandros Savvaidis Project Manager and Seismology Research Team Lead of the Texas Seismological Network. His team is responsible for deploying and maintaining the permanent and temporary arrays, as well as detecting, associating, locating, and reviewing seismic events and preparing an online event catalog to be transmitted to the IRIS Data Management Center (DMC). Dr. Savvaidis has 20 years of experience in Applied Geophysics and Engineering Seismology with the Institute of Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (IESEE) in Thessaloniki, Greece. At IESEE, he managed the largest seismographic network in Greece, which includes 100 real-time accelerometers. His deep and highly relevant research experience includes source and path characteristics, seismic site characterization, real-time acquisition of seismic ground motion data, and Shakemap implementation and data fusion for disaster risk mitigation.

Alexandros Savvaidis
Project Manager
Telephone: 512-475-9549
Bissett Young
Telephone: 512-471-5739
Dino Huang
Telephone: 512-471-4420