University of Texas at Austin

TexNet Seismic Monitoring Program

In the 84th Legislative Session, the Texas Legislature tasked us with helping to locate and determine the origins of earthquakes in our State, and, where they may have been caused by human activity, helping to prevent them from occurring in the future.  We have established the TexNet earthquake monitoring program to accomplish these goals, and we plan to place earthquake monitoring stations across Texas to gather information about and study these events as they occur.  We want to help inform Texas citizens so that they can keep their property safe from the impact of earthquakes.

TexNet Stations

The new TexNet Seismic Stations that comprise the backbone network include: (a) Permanent deployments of a 3-component, 120 second, borehole seismometer installation that might include a 3-component posthole accelerometer, and (b) Auxiliary long term (i.e., at least for a few years) deployments of a 3-component, 20 second posthole seismometer installation that might include a 3 component posthole accelerometer.

A 25-mile buffer zone is defined around each proposed seismic station that denotes the area of a possible site position for a station deployment. TX is already registered at FDSN as a TexNet Network Descriptor. The station names presented are temporary and will be updated and registered at ISC as soon as the site for each seismic station deployment is finalized. The proposed station positions can be downloaded here. A KML file with the site positions of the deployed stations (Permanent, Auxiliary, Portable) can be downloaded here.

TexNet flow chart

TexNet Goals

  • To monitor, locate, and catalog seismicity across Texas, capable of detecting and locating earthquakes with magnitudes ≥M2.0 (aka-Backbone)
  • To improve investigations of ongoing sequences by deploying temporary seismic monitoring stations and conducting site-specific assessments, especially for:
    • Events >M3.0 in or near urban areas, or
    • Events co-located where ongoing human activities may be related to earthquake activity