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Meeting Materials & Resources
Archive of meeting agenda and materials organized by year. A video and slide show for presentations are available for viewing or download. Posters presented at the meeting, extended abstracts, field guides, short course and workshop materials are also available.

Data are organized by formation, county and well. Data description or type is listed and linked to a direct view or download. Related publications, posters and outside presentations are shown at the bottom of the formations pages.

Additional Posters & Presentations
Posters and presentations given by MSRL members at technical meetings

Publications, Theses & Dissertations
Published papers, theses and dissertations by MSRL team members

Lectures and teaching modules pertinent to the understanding of mudrock systems

NOTE: All data and materials on the Member’s website pages are for the use of MSRL member companies and their employees. Data, slides, etc may not be published, or otherwise distributed, without express consent of MSRL staff members