University of Texas at Austin

EGL Tools

The Exploration Geophysics Laboratory Toolbox for Matlab

Version 2.2 full sponsor release with source code

EGL Tools is not simply a collection of functions for manipulating seismic data in the Matlab environment. It is a processing system that combines the flexibility of a programming language with the power of a commercial processing system. Prototyping of new algorithms and production-level processing are available on a single platform with a common programming interface. Users are able for the first time process large data sets in Matlab, complete with job flow control of ensemble based processing, job logging, and automatic recording of the processing history.

  • Brief introduction to EGL Tools and its purpose [PDF]
  • Download the .zip file of EGLTools v2.2 [ZIP]
  • Download full EGL Tools demo with data set [ZIP 105 MB]
  • Download the installation and user guide for EGL Tools [PDF]

The beta release includes the core system functionality, with new tools for specific applications under constant development.

System requirements: current license of Matlab 6.5 (Matlab 7.1 is highly recommended).

  • Download EGL Tools V0.9beta test for sponsors [ZIP]

For development questions, bug reporting, or more information on EGL Tools, contact Michael DeAngelo at 512-232-3373 or e-mail