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EGL Members Area: Reports

Generating Direct-S Modes with Simple, Low-Cost, Widely Available Seismic Sources [Link]

SV-P: An Ignored Seismic Mode That Has Great Value for Interpreters [Link]

S-S Imaging with Vertical-Force Sources [Link]

Comparison of Direct-S Modes Produced by Vertical-Force and Horizontal-Force Sources [Link]

Illuminating Wolfberry Prospects with Direct-S Modes [Link]

Comparison of Direct-S Modes Produced by Vertical and Inclined Impacts [Link]

Near-Field Effects on Direct-S Radiation Patterns [Link]

Geothermal Final Report [Link]

CO2 Final Report [Link]

Marcellus Shale Final Report [Link]

DOE Gas Hydrate Final Report [Link]

Elastic-Wavefield Seismic Stratigraphy: A New Seismic Interpretation Technology [Link]

9C3D Technology: Exploring for Subtle Mission Canyon Stratigraphic Traps with Elastic-Wavefield Seismic Technology [Link]

Comparisons and Contrasts Between 3-C and 9-C S-Wave Imaging [Link]

Multicomponent Seismic Technology Assessment of Fluid-Gas Expulsion Geology and Gas-Hydrate Systems: Gulf of Mexico [Link]

Imaging Deep Gas Prospects Using Multicomponent Seismic Technology Workshop [Link]

Analyzing Deep-Water Near-Seafloor Strata with Prestack 4-C OBC Seismic Data [Link]

Processing and Modeling 2D4C Seismic Data: Gulf of Mexico [PDF]

Processing and Modeling 2D4C Seismic Data: Offshore Norway [PDF]

Sponsors' Reports From Annual Meetings

Spring 2015 Sponsors Report [Link]

Spring 2014 Sponsors Report [Link]

Spring 2013 Sponsors Report [Link]

Spring 2012 Sponsors Report [Link]

Spring 2011 Sponsors Report [Link]

Spring 2010 Sponsors Report [Link]

Spring 2009 Sponsors Report [Link]

Spring 2008 Sponsors Report [Link]

Spring 2007 Sponsors Report [Link]

Spring 2005 Sponsors Report [Link]

Spring 2004 Sponsors Report [Link]

Public Summary of EGL Research [Link]