University of Texas at Austin

Devine Test Site: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Support

The Devine Test Site receives important indirect support from the DOE, which funds the development of multicomponent seismic technology through several Bureau programs. Principles of the wavefield physics studied in these DOE-funded projects are verified at the Test Site, when appropriate, as the underlying stratigraphic section is well known and understood. The test data needed to verify the findings of each DOE-funded project are also collected at the Test Site whenever possible because of the high signal-to-noise ratio associated with multicomponent seismic data acquired across the property.

DOE-sponsorship has added another benefit to the site: regular visits to the site by Bureau researchers have ensured better oversight and management of the property and test facilities. We believe it is important that the geophysical industry be aware of DOE involvement in the ongoing use and maintenance of the site.