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FRAC Research well drilling on University Lands, West Texas, 2000

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Structural Diagenesis Initiative of Jackson School of Geosciences.

For an overview of project research aims see Laubach, S. E., Marrett, R., and Olson, J. O., 2000, New Directions in Fracture Characterization, The Leading Edge, July, p. 704–711.


Spring 2004 Featured Slide Presentation: Steve Laubach & Kitty Milliken

Structural Diagenesis: Chemical and Mechanical Processes in Basins

Summer 2002 Featured Slide Presentation: Jon Olson

Spatial Organization of Natural Fractures: A Geomechanics Approach

Selected Recent Papers      

Marrett, R., Laubach, S.E. Olson, J.E., 2007, Anisotropy and beyond: geologic perspectives on geophysical prospecting for natural fractures. The Leading Edge, 26/9, 1106-1111.

Olson, J. E., Laubach, S. E., and Lander, R. L., 2007, Combining diagenesis and mechanics to quantify fracture aperture distributions and fracture pattern permeability: In Lonergan, L., Jolley, R.J., Sanderson, D.J., Rawnsley, K., eds., Fractured Reservoirs, Geological Society of London Special Publication 270, 97-112.

Olson, J. E., 2007, Fracture aperture, length and pattern geometry development under biaxial loading: a numerical study with applications to natural, cross-jointed systems. In Couples, G & Lewis, H., eds., Fracture-Like Damage and Localisation. Geological Society of London, Special Publication.

Gale, J. F. W., Reed, R. M., and Holder, Jon, 2007, Natural fractures in the Barnett Shale and their importance for hydraulic fracture treatments: AAPG Bulletin, 91: 603-622.

Gale, J. F. W. and Gomez, L. A., 2007, Late opening-mode fractures in karst-brecciated dolostones of the Lower Ordovician Ellenburger Group, west Texas: Recognition, characterization, and implications for fluid flow. AAPG Bulletin 91: 1005-1023.

Appold, M., Garven, G., Boles, J., Eichhubl, P., 2007, Numerical modeling of the origin of calicte mineralization in the Refugio-Carneros fault, Santa Barbara Basin, CA. Geofluids, 7: 79-95.

Naehr, T.H., Eichhubl, P., and others, 2007, Authigenic carbonate formation at hydrocarbon seeps in continental margin sediments: A comparative study. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography.

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Laubach, S.E., and Gale, J.F.W., 2006, Obtaining fracture information for low-permeability (tight) gas sandstones from sidewall cores: Journal of Petroleum Geology, v. 29 (2) (April 2006), 147-158.  View JPG Cover Art for this Issue:   News   |  Events 06

Laubach, S. E. and Ward, M. W., 2006, Diagenesis in porosity evolution of opening-mode fractures, Middle Triassic to Lower Jurassic La Boca Formation, NE Mexico. Tectonophysics 419, 75-97.

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Milliken, K. L., Reed, R. M., and Laubach, S. E., 2005, Quantifying compaction and cementation within deformation bands in porous sandstones: in Sorkhabi, R. and Y. Tsuji, eds., Faults, Fluid Flow and Petroleum Traps, AAPG Memoir 85, p. 237-249. PDF on Members site

Laubach, S.E., Olson, J.E., and Gale, J.F.W., 2004, Are open fractures necessarily aligned with maximum horizontal stress? Earth & Planetary Science Letters, v. 222, no. 1, p. 191-195. PDF

Laubach, S. E., Reed, R. M., Olson, J. E., Lander, R. H., and Bonnell, L. M., 2004, Coevolution of crack-seal texture and fracture porosity in sedimentary rocks: cathodoluminescence observations of regional fractures: Journal of Structural Geology, v. 26, no. 5, p. 967-982. [ ¥ ]

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Selected Forthcoming Papers

Correlation Analyses of Fracture Spatial Arrangement. Journal of Structural Geology.

Spectral Analyses of Fracture Spatial Arrangement. Journal of Structural Geology.

Traditional Analyses of Fracture Spatial Arrangement. Journal of Structural Geology.

Structural Diagenesis Hedberg 2004 Link

A complete publication list is posted on the Members site