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Next Research Meeting

2007 Las Vegas

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2008 Research Meeting

November 10-11, 2008

Research Meeting

November 2008

Field trip

Santa Barbara, CA

The FRAC Annual Meetings

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2008 FRAC Student & Tx EXs Event


Saturday September 20

Members Welcome

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2007 FRAC Student & Tx EXs Event


Saturday November 3

Members Welcome

Faulted and fractured carbonate rocks

About Internal Workshops

Research Workshops:

Mechanical & chemical interactions in faulted & fractured carbonate rocks

Implications for flow conduit & barrier attributes & lifetimes

John N. Hooker, coordinator

Fall, 2006

Fracture length & effective permeability evolution

From outcrop to simulator

Edgar Pinzon, coordinator

May 5, 2006

Structural Diagenesis Master Class

Fall 2005 | Spring 2006 |  Fall 2006 Spring 2007 | Fall 2007

Members Welcome

Contact Steve Laubach for more information

For program see Class page  |  Fall 2007


Members welcome.

Seed Grant research funding provided by the Geology Foundation, Jackson School of Geosciences

Initiation of research program. Research prospectus on members site.

Research Workshops:

Radical Questioning of Carbonate Diagenesis Paradigms

Predicting Fracture and Porosity Evolution in Dolostone

Meeting I

January 28, 2005

Meeting II

July 12, 2005

Research Workshop:

New Reservoir Analog Studies

Fall, 2004

Geochemical Modeling of Fracture Sealing

Lake, Lander, Milliken

Fall, 2004

Members Welcome

Field Seminar

Fractures Beneath Evaporite Detachment

Winter, 2005

Members Welcome

2005 FRAC Student & Tx EXs Event


Saturday November 5

Members Welcome

Past Research Meetings Date & Location

Jackson Hole

October 13-14, 2006

Field trip October 12

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The FRAC Annual Meeting

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2005 Research Meeting


Austin, Texas

Summer 2005

July 21 - 22

The FRAC Annual Meeting

See Meetings

on the Members Site for agenda, slides, field trip info, etc.

2004 Research Meeting


Deer Valley, Utah

July 19-20, 2004

See notice in Events and meeting information on Member's site

Research review

Applications excercises

Field trips

Meeting information on private site: Meetings

2003 Research Meeting

Jackson, Wyoming

21–22 July 2003

Research review

Applications excercises

Field trips:

Fractures in dolostone

Fractures in sandstone

2002 Application Workshop
Jackson, Wyoming
2002 Research Meeting
Monterrey, Mexico
2001 Application Workshop
Austin, Texas
2001 Research Meeting
Austin, Texas
2004 Past Meetings Date & Location
Barnett Shale Field & Core Seminar
Fall, 2004 Meetings

Student/Texas Exes Event 2004

For Students µ

November 13, 2004

See Members Site for More Information: Meetings

Internal workshop: Scaling Mechanics
June 4, 2004

AAPG Hedberg Research Conference

Structural Diagenesis


February, 2004

Austin, Texas

FRAC Workshop

Student Presentations


Houston, Texas

A 2007 meeting is planned for Tilcara, Argentina