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The University of Texas at Austin
Geol Science Dept
1 University Station C1100
Austin, TX 78712-0254

Associate Professor Randall Marrett
Associate Professor and Elf Aquitaine Petroleum Faculty Fellow in Geological Sciences.

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1990

Field of Study:
Structural Geology

Short Biography:
Dr. Marrett's research concentrates on deformation processes in the upper continental crust where folds, faults, and opening-mode fractures are the most important products. This work is applicable to a wide range of human concerns such as natural hazards (e.g., earthquakes, volcanoes) and the flow of fluids through rock (e.g., hydrocarbons, water, contaminants). Some common themes that relate his disparate interests are quantitative field observations and analysis, especially using techniques that address spatial and size scaling of structures. Dr. Marrett currently has on-going projects that address active faulting and geyser eruption patterns in the Central Andes of Argentina and Chile, detachment folding and curved orogenic belt development in the Sierra Madre Oriental of Mexico, and opening-mode fracturing in numerous areas.

Contact Information:
Office: 4.126
Phone: 512-471-2113
FAX: 512-471-9425

The University of Texas at Austin's Fracture Research and Application Consortium (FRAC) is dedicated to conquering the challenges of reservoir fractures. The FRAC research group includes staff from the Departments of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, Geological Sciences, and Bureau of Economic Geology.

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