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News 2007

The Annual QCL IA Meeting and Field Trip was a fun time and a chance to look at some cool rocks. There was certainly no complaining about the scenery. Vishal Maharaj led the first day of the trip and Nysha Chaderton led the days on Barbados. 11/19/07

The QCL IA Annual Meeting will be held in Port of Spain Trinidad and Barbados the week of November 11-17. A series of talks will be presented on the worldwide research underway in the IA on Monday November 12, followed by a four day field trip to Trinidad and Barbados to view the paralic to shelf edge deposits of the Pliocene on Trinidad, and the Eocene Scotland Formation coarse-grained turbidites of Barbados. The field trip will be co-led by Dr. Ron Steel, Nysha Chaderton, Vishal Maharaj and Ariana Osman. So far, ten of our fourteen member companies plan to attend. 10/26/07

N. Chaderton examines the highly folded Scotland units on Barbados. Although highly structured in some parts of the island, the Scotland shows great exposure and lateral continuity in its type area of Barbados' Scotland District.

Vishal Maharaj

Vishal Maharaj presented a poster at the annual JSG Geology Foundation Meeting held at the Austin Grand Hyatt on November 18 titled "Seismic Geomorphology of Atoka Channels, Fort Worth Basin, Texas". The poster, which showed preliminary work on his master’s thesis research won first place among over 20 posters presented, making Vishal $500 richer. 10/26/07

Tiffany Hedayati Vishal MaharajDallas Dunlap

Tiffany Hedayati, Vishal Maharaj and Dallas Dunlap traveled to the Woodlands, Texas to present several posters at the November 2007 Chevron Reservoir Characterization Forum. 10/26/07

Tiffany Hedayati
Lesli Wood

Lesli Wood traveled to Milan to present a short course and meet with QCL IA Partners in ENI-Agip. 10/26/07


Lorena Moscardelli traveled to Santorini, Greece to the 4th International Conference on Submarine Failures to present a paper titled "Mass transport complexes in offshore Trinidad and their significance as potential tsunamigenic hazards." 10/26/07


Dr. Lorena Moscardelli has published the second paper from her Ph.D. thesis. The paper titled “A genetic classification of mass transport complexes – offshore Trinidad” has been published in the most recent edition of Basin Research. 10/26/07

Lesli WoodDallas Dunlap

Lesli Wood and Dallas Dunlap are currently in Morocco presenting several research papers at the Moroccan Association of Petroleum Geologists meeting in Marrakesh regarding the work that QCL is doing in western offshore Morocco. 10/26/07

The Summer Crew

Lesli and students

The summer allowed some of the graduate researchers to get a jump on the fall. Vishal Maharaj (far left) is examining channel architecture in the Atoka Formation. Tricia Alvarez (middle) is examining the seismic geomorphology of latest Pleistocene sequences on the shelf in Trinidad using 10,000 sq km of 3D seismic. Tiffany Hedayati (far right), split her time between the field and the lab looking at the El Vado shelf sequence in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico. 9/4/07


Nysha Chaderton recently attended the 4th Conference of the Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago, June 2007 in Port of Spain, Trinidad. She gave an oral presentation on her research regarding the structural and stratigraphic evolution of the Tobago Forearc Basin, Tobago, West Indies. Nysha was honored with an award for the Outstanding Student Presentation of the Conference. Nysha will be co-leading the annual QCL IA field trip this year to Trinidad and Barbados. 9/4/07

QCL IA Research Associate Dr. Lorena Moscardelli will attend the 3rd International Conference on Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences, October 1-3, 2007 on the island of Santorini. She will present her work on the probably tsunamigenic hazards caused by mass failures in offshore Trinidad and other areas of the world. 8/28/07

Lesli Wood recently returned from Mexico City where she taught a two day short course for IMP in Seismic Geomorphology of Deep Marine Systems. 8/28/07

Tiffany HedayatiLesli Wood

Tiffany Hedayati and Lesli Wood recently returned from field work in the eastern edge of the San Juan Basin, where they sought out the elusive El Vado Sandstone, the topic of Tiffany’s masters thesis research. The El Vado is a shelf sand within the Mancos Shale. 8/28/07

Lesli Wood

Lesli Wood taught a field camp module in the Sego Sandstone in June. Thirty-two undergraduates attended the one week module run in eastern Utah where they examined the stratal relationships between falling stage tidal bar complexes, incised valley fills and distributary channeling, as well as the associated storm influenced shelf system. Click the images below to view larger in slideshow. 7/23/07

QCLIA student researchers attended the GSTT Technical Conference held in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Nysha Chaderton presented her research on coarse-grained turbidites of the Scotland Formation, Barbados. Ariana Osman, previous UT graduate, presented her research in the Morne L'Enfer Group of southern Trinidad. Ariana and Nysha will both be co-leading the QCL IA field trip in November on Trinidad and Barbados, to be held in conjunction with the QCL IA Annual Meeting November 11-16. 7/23/07

Lorena Moscardelli was awarded the doctorate of science passing her oral examination and defense of her dissertation research on April 10th. Dr. Moscardelli has taken a position with the Bureau of Economic Geology in the Jackson School of Geosciences as a Research Associate and will continue to be involved in the QCL IA research program as well as other research at the JSG. Congratulations Dr. Moscardelli! 5/3/07

Chad Weisenburger, Julie Maher and Terence Campbell will all be awarded a Masters of Science from the Jackson School of Geosciences in a ceremony to be held May 19 at the UT Campus. Chad has accepted an offer of employment from EOG. Julie has accepted an offer of employment from ExxonMobil. Terence has accepted an offer of employment from bpTrinidad.

We wish them well, thank them for all their hard work toward the goals of the QCL IA and congratulate them on their success. 5/3/07


Nysha Chaderton is off for the summer squeezing in TWO internships. The first part of the summer will be spent with Shell in their Houston office. The second part of the summer will be spent with BHP in their Houston office. Nysha is finishing up the second year of a three year, post-master's Ph.D. in research into coarse-grained deep water deposits of Barbados and the surrounding regions. You can catch her mid-summer at the GSTT meeting in Port of Spain, Trinidad, June. 5/3/07

We welcome Tiffany Hedayati to the research group. Tiffany is working on a master's degree, looking at the regional distribution and nature of the El Vado Sandstone in northwestern New Mexico. This unusual sandstone is the second largest producer in the San Juan Basin and appears to be detached from its shoreface to the south. 5/3/07

We welcome Vishal Maharaj to the research group. Vishal is integrating 3D seismic, logs and core to derive methodologies for improving out understanding of channels in the Atoka and how they are expressed in seismic data, as well as the implications for their petrophysical character. 5/3/07

Tricia Alvarez (M.S. 2008) will be working this summer on her master's research regarding the Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology of Late Quaternary Sequences in the Columbus Basin, offshore eastern Trinidad and Venezuela. 5/3/07

The final doctoral examination for Lorena Moscardelli has been scheduled for April 10, 2007; 2:00 PM; GEO BLDG BARROW CONF RM. All dissertation defenses are open to the public and you are invited to attend. 4/5/07

Chad Weisenburger (M.S.) will present a technical talk Tuesday, April 10, at 4:30 p.m. in the Geology Building 2.324 (Boyd Auditorium). Weisenburger, a graduate researcher working with the Quantitative Clastics Laboratory Industrial Associates program at BEG, will present his work titled "Salt Tectonics and Its Impact on Sedimentation in the Safi Haute Mer Area, Offshore Morocco." 4/5/07

Nysha Chaderton (Ph.D. candidate) and Julie Maher (M.S.) recently presented their research at the Annual AAPG Convention in Long Beach California. Nysha's poster was titled "Morphologic Architecture of a Coarse Grained Turbidite: An Outcrop Study of the Scotland Formation, Barbados, West Indies." Julie Maher's poster was titled "Architecture and Evolution of Shelf-Edge Deltas along an Active Tectonic Margin, Eastern Offshore Trinidad." Both are graduate researchers working with the Quantitative Clastics Laboratory Industrial Associates program at BEG. 4/5/07

Lesli Wood

Lesli Wood visited the offices of BGCairo in early March, where she updated their staff on the research and status of work in the QCL Consortium. She then spent an additional 2 weeks in the BGIndia offices, where she taught short courses, worked with the staff on problems involving their own data, and ate a lot of curry. 4/5/07

Lesli Wood

Lesli Wood visited the MIT University in Pune, India, in March, where she met students involved in their engineering and geosciences curricula. She presented a talk to the group on Sunday morning and visited with students and faculty of MIT. She was hosted in India by James Brown, Exploration and Development Manager of BG's Mumbai offices. 4/5/07

Lesli presented a talk in March to the Mumbai Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers in Mumbai, India. She presented a talk regarding the geology and fauna of the Antarctic Peninsula to a diverse crowd of interested scientists. She was hosted in India by BGIndia. 4/5/07

Lorena Moscardelli received an award of $2,500 from AAPG Student Grants in Aid for her research on the processes and products of mass-transport deposits. 4/5/07

The long-awaited publication, Seismic Geomorphology, is out. Co-published by the Geological Society of London and SEPM (Society of Sedimentary Geology), this publication, co-edited by R. Davies, H. Posamentier, L. Wood, and J. Cartwright contains 15 seminal papers on the application of seismic geomorphic techniques in interpreting clastic and carbonate deposits, data analysis techniques, and case studies around the world. Click on cover to enlarge. 4/5/07

Lesli Wood and Lorena Moscardelli recently returned from a trip to Paracura Brasil to attend a two day High Impact Exploration Professors Network meeting with management of Norsk Hydro's worldwide exploration business. The meeting allowed professors whose students and personal research is supported by Norsk Hydro to meet each other and discuss new approaches and ideas in understanding clastic sediment distribution, stratigraphic traps and integration of outcrop, subsurface and seismic data analysis to reduce uncertainty in exploration. 1/31/07

Lorena Moscardelli is a 2007 recipient of a ED PICOU Fellowship Grant For Graduate Studies in Earth Science. The award of $2500 will be put toward her work in the processes, architecture and geohazards associated with mass transport deposits in marine setting. You can read some of Lorena's recent work in her AAPG Manuscript Congratulations to Lorena! 1/22/07

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