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Peter Flaig

Dr. Peter Flaig gave an invited talk at the University of Kansas (KU) Department of Geology 2015 Colloquium Series entitled "A tale of three deltas: Comparative analysis of ancient, river-dominated deltaic systems from outcrops of the Permian in Antarctica and the Cretaceous in Arctic Alaska and Colorado". Pete also spent a couple of days meeting with KU students to discuss their ongoing research and potential careers in geology. Pete met with several researchers during his visit to discuss their current research and potential future collaborations. Jan 27, 2015

Maria Prieto

Sebastian Cardona recently performed fieldwork and collected samples in well-exposed outcrops of mass transport deposits (MTDs) on the western shore of New Zealand near Mokau, New Plymouth. He documented about 1 kilometer of exposure and collected nearly 50 samples to study the different styles of deformation and microfabrics within a single MTD. His research hopes to reveal styles of deformation in MTDs and how they transmit fluids in the subsurface to better predict their seal potential.
Click on photos below to view larger. Jan 15, 2015

Peter FlaigDolores van der Kolk

Peter Flaig and Dolores van der Kolk recently visited Repsol in The Woodlands of Houston, Texas. They discussed their investigations into the facies, ichnology, depositional environments, and stratal architectures in the Late Cretaceous Schrader Bluff and Prince Creek formations of northern Alaska. Jan 15, 2015

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