Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences
4th International Symposium
Austin, Texas
November 7 – 12, 2009



Student Support

2009 Grant Recipients

  • Michael Giles — Department of Earth Sciences / Dalhousie University
    • “Mass Transport Deposits on the Southwestern Newfoundland Slope”
  • Dominique Turmel — Département de géologie et de genie géologique / Université Laval
    • “Morphodynamic and Slope Instability Observations at Wabush Lake, Labrador”
  • Fahad Mohammed — School of Civil and Environmental Engineering / Georgia Institute of Technology
    • “Experiments on Tsunamis Generated by 3D Granular Landslides”
  • Maria Ferentinou — Dep. of Infrastructure and Rural Develop. / National Technical University of Athens
    • “Clustering of Geotechnical Properties of Marine Sediments Through Self-Organizing Maps: An Example from the Zakynthos Canyon-Valley System, Greece”
  • Gloria Romero — ConocoPhillips School of Geology and Geophysics / University of Oklahoma
    • “Detached and Shelf- Attached Mass Transport Complexes on the Magdalena Deepwater Fan”
  • Robert Viesca — School of Engineering and Applied Sciences / Harvard University
    • “Modeling Slope Instability as Shear Rupture Propagation in a Saturated Porous Medium”
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