Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences
4th International Symposium
Austin, Texas
November 7 – 12, 2009



Conference Themes


  1. Application of new technologies and techniques to the study of submarine mass movements.
  2. Role of mass transport processes in margin development.
  3. Mass movement evolution: From initiation to distal turbidites.
  4. New approaches to slope stability analysis.
  5. In situ measurements of pore pressures, deformations, and sediment properties on submarine slopes.
  6. Mass transport deposits in volcanic island settings.
  7. Mass transport events and their tsunamigenic risk.
  8. Impact of mass transport events on benthic ecosystems.
  9. Impact of mass transport events on sea floor structures/risk and mitigation.
  10. Mass transport deposits and their role in offshore hydrocarbon field development.
  11. Hazard assessment of submarine mass movements.
  12. Current challenges in the study of submarine mass movements and future directions.
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