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Year of Meeting Talk Number Title PowerPoint Author
2008 2008-01 GeoFluids Introduction .ppt Flemings
2008 2008-02 Deep Pore Pressures and Seafloor Venting in the Auger Basin, Gulf of Mexico .ppt Reilly
2008 2008-03 Consolidation and Overpressure near the Seafloor of Brazos-Trinity Basin IV .ppt Schneider
2008 2008-04 3-D Mapping/Basin Modeling of the Ursa Blue and Green Units in the Tubular Bells-Kodiak Area   Mitchell, Greeley
2008 2008-05 Ursa Hydrogeologic Framework: Inputs for Basin Modeling .ppt Schneider and Sawyer
2008 2008-06 Modeling Pore Pressure Evolution in the Mars Ursa Basin .ppt You
2008 2008-07 Effect of Inelastic Sediment Behavior on Near-salt Stresses and Pore Pressures   Bowers
2008 2008-08 Retrogressive Failures Recorded in Mass Transport Deposits (Ursa Basin) .ppt Sawyer
2008 2008-09 Exploring the Origin and Properties of Mass Transport Deposits in Ursa Basin, Northern Gulf of Mexico .ppt Strong
2008 2008-10 Overview of UT GeoFluids .ppt Flemings
2008 2008-11 Controls on the reorientation mechanisms of phyllosilicates; Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Podhale Basin, and the Barnett Shale .ppt Day-Stirrat
2008 2008-12 Benefits of Studying Resedimented Mudstones .ppt Germaine
2008 2008-13 Using Vendor Packages to Model Pore Pressure near the Mudline
.ppt You
2008 2008-14 Overview of the UT Geomechanics Lab .ppt Andrews
2008 2008-15 Overview of GeoFluidsIII Achievements .ppt GeoFluids Group
2008 2008-16 Overpressure Origin in the Bossier Trend, Texas, from Gas Generation and Oil Cracking   Heppard
2008 2008-17

In situ Permeability in the Ursa Basin

.ppt Schneider
2008 2008-18 Role of Overpressure in Compaction and Sediment Transport within Rift Basin .ppt You
2008 2008-19 Compressibility Behavior of Mudrock at Low Effective Stresses .ppt Flemings and Long
2008 2007-01 UT GeoFluids Introduction .ppt Flemings
2007 2007-02 Mass Transport Complexes and the Geological Evolution of the Ursa Region .ppt Sawyer
2007 2007-03 Pore Pressure in the Ursa Region .ppt Flemings
2007 2007-04 Deriving a Field Compaction Curve and Predicting Pressure Near the Mudline .ppt Long
2007 2007-05 Lithology Based Compaction Curves and Their Use in Pre-Drill Pore Pressure Prediction   Greeley et al.
2007 2007-06 Pore Pressure Prediction in the Brazos-Trinity Basin .ppt Schneider
2007 2007-07 Advance Mechanisms Of Allochthonous Salt Sheets: Implications For Predicting Subsalt Pore Pressure   Hudec and Jackson
2007 2007-08 Pressure Prediction in Complex Stress Regimes: Thrust Belts .ppt Flemings
2007 2007-09 The Jackson School: That was then, this is now   Tinker
2007 2007-10 Acoustic Properties of Mudrocks in the Perdido Fold Belt   Bryndzia
2007 2007-11 Synthesis of Ursa Mudrocks .ppt Sawyer
2007 2007-12 1-D Forward Modeling Example .ppt Flemings
2007 2007-13 Parameterization of Mudrock Properties for Pre-Drill Pressure Prediction   Cheng
2007 2007-14 Interpreting Pore Pressure and Permeability from Penetrometer Data .ppt Long
2007 2007-15 Response of Submarine Hydrologic Monitoring Instruments to Formation Pressure Changes .ppt Sawyer
2007 2007-16 Overpressure and Seafloor Expulsion in the Auger Basin .ppt Reilly
2006 2006-01 Meeting overview and Pressure, Stress and Fluid Migration in Complex Stress Regimes .ppt Flemings
2006 2006-02 Predicting pressure from porosity in the Ursa Basin .ppt Long
2006 2006-03 Mudstone lithology and compaction .ppt Sawyer
2006 2006-04 Mudstone lithology and permeability .ppt Schneider
2006 2006-05 The mudstone database .ppt Nelson
2006 2006-06 3D pore pressure prediction from seismic at Chevron   Czerniak
2006 2006-07 Pressure prediction in the Brazos-Trinity Basin .ppt Schneider
2006 2006-08 Pore pressure penetrometer I: theory .ppt Long
2006 2006-09 Pore pressure penetrometer II: application .ppt Long
2006 2006-10 Modeling the evolution of shallow pore pressure at Ursa .ppt Flemings and Christopher
2006 2006-11 Early pore pressure prediction in the Perdido Fold Belt   Couzens
2006 2006-12 Pore pressure monitoring in the Nankai Accretionary Prism .ppt Hucks
2006 2006-13 Shear-induced consolidation in mass transport deposits .ppt Sawyer
2006 2006-14 Determining subsalt pore pressure with Vp/Vs from look-ahead VSP's   Heppard
2006 2006-15 Salt, deformation, and pore pressure .ppt Fletcher
2006 2006-16 Critically Pressured 3-Phase Gas Hydrate Systems .ppt Flemings
2006 2006-17 Final Wrap-Up .ppt Flemings
2006 2006-18 An Extensive Paleocene Cold Seep System: Clastic Dikes, Carbonates, and Chemosynthetic Communities in the Moreno Formation, Panoche Hills, Western San Joaquin Valley   Schwarz et al.
2005 2005-01 Overview of IODP Expedition 308, Exploring Overpressure at Mars-Ursa and Brazos-Trinity Basins .ppt Flemings
2005 2005-02 The Stratigraphy of Ursa Basin .ppt Sawyer
2005 2005-03 Porosity and Effective Stress at Ursa .ppt Long
2005 2005-04 Direct Pressure Measurements at Ursa .ppt Flemings
2005 2005-05 Pre-Drill Analysis for Shallow Water Flow Hazard at Mississippi Canyon Block 900   Amerada Hess
2005 2005-06 Flow Modeling in Ursa Basin   Dugan
2005 2005-07 Physical Characteristics of Mass Transport Complexes in the Deepwater   Shipp
2005 2005-08 Mass Transport Deposits at Ursa .ppt Sawyer
2005 2005-09 Integrated Shared Earth Model: 3D Pore-Pressure Prediction and Uncertainty Analysis   Lopez
2005 2005-10 Measuring Pore Pressure with a Penetrometer .ppt Long
2005 2005-11 Stratigraphic Evolution of Brazos-Trinity Basin IV, Western Gulf of Mexico: Preliminary Results of IODP Expedition 308   Pirmez
2005 2005-12 Large Scale Models of Accretionary Prisms: Predicting Net to Gross and Pressure .ppt Saffer
2005 2005-13 Monitoring Pore Pressure in the Nankai Accretionary Prism .ppt Hucks
2005 2005-14 Physical Properties and Pressure Prediction in Accretionary Prisms .ppt Saffer
2005 2005-15 Dynamics of Marine Gas Hydrate and Free Gas Systems .ppt Liu
2005 2005-16 Stress Around Salt Bodies .ppt Fletcher
2005 2005-17 The Effect of Elastic-Plastic Deformation Around the Well Bore   Bowers
2005 2005-18 Compaction Results in the Popeye Genesis Minibasin .ppt Christopher
2004 2004-01

GeoFluidsII Highlights/Introduction

.ppt Flemings
2004 2004-02 Seafloor Venting at Genesis: The Key to Trap Integrity in a Deepwater Turbidite Reservour .ppt Seldon
2004 2004-03 ExxonMobil Submersible Movie of the Popeye-Genesis Expulsion Vent   Summa
2004 2004-04

Map Based Pressure Prediction

2004 2004-05 IODP Gulf of Mexico Drilling Proposal Overview: Goals and Status .ppt Flemings
2004 2004-06 Shallow Stratigraphy and Pressure at Ursa .ppt Sawyer
2004 2004-07 Poster Overview: Fluid Flow and Diagenesis on the Refugio Fault and Diagenesis in Faults   Boles et al.
2004 2004-08 Stress, Speed, and Number Crunching - Pore Pressure Prediction Model Optimization: A Case Study   Couzens
2004 2004-09 The Next GeoFluids Consortium: Overview of Goals, Contract and Vision   Flemings
2004 2004-11 Experimentally Derived Mudstone Properties at Ursa: Constraints for Basin Modeling   Dugan
2004 2004-12 Basin Modeling of Ursa Overpressure   Dugan
2004 2004-13 Direct Pressure Measurement in Mudstones: A New Pore Pressure Penetrometer .ppt Long
2004 2004-14 The PSU GeoFluidsII Web Page .ppt Johnson
2004 2004-15 Observations about Pressure Prediction in a Toe Thrust Setting   Fitts
2004 2004-16 Pore Pressure Analysis in Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belts   Kilsdonk
2004 2004-17 GeoFluids Software   Dugan
2004 2004-18 Critical Pressure in Hydrate Systems .ppt Flemings
2003 2003-01

GeoFluids Highlights

.ppt Flemings
2003 2003-02 The Leak-Point in the Popeye Basin: Controls on Overpressure and Trap Integrity in a Turbidite Minibasin .ppt Seldon
2003 2003-03 Centroid Analysis of Pressures in Sand at Poseidon (MC 727) n/a Stump
2003 2003-04 Petrophysical Constraints on Pressure Prediction .ppt Dugan
2003 2003-05 Geophysical Evidence for Flow Focussing Induced Fissures in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico n/a Dohmen
2003 2003-06 Shallow Statigraphy, Pressure and Hazards at Ursa .ppt Sawyer
2003 2003-07 Stress Limited Gas Columns in Hydrate Systems .ppt Flemings
2003 2003-08 Workshop: Predicting Pressure and Trap Integrity in Overpressured Reservoirs


2003 2003-09 Software Demonstration: Pressure Prediction Workshop .ppt Penn State
2003 2003-10 Overpressure above the Decollement at Nankai: ODP Sites 808, 1174, & 1173 .ppt Flemings
2003 2003-11 Vertical vs. Mean Effective Stress - Which one is better for pore pressure estimation? n/a Bowers
2003 2003-12 Multiphase Flow in Centroids .ppt Liu
2003 2003-13 Paleopressures from Fluid Inclusions: Implications for Trap Integrity n/a Summa
2003 2003-14

Compaction State and Excess Fluid Pressure of Sediments from ODP Site 1073, US Mid-Atlantic Continental Margin

.ppt Dugan
2003 2003-15 Overburden Pressure Estimation in Deep Water Settings n/a Braunsdorf
2003 2003-16 Measuring Pressure and Permeability with the Piezoprobe in Hydrate Systems .ppt Flemings
2003 2003-17 PSU-McFRAC: A Monte Carlo Simulation for Trap Integrity .ppt Long
2003 2003-18 Pressure Prediction using Flow Focusing Models to Predict Trap Integrity in an Onshore Environment n/a Lupa
2003 2003-19

Sedimentation-flow Model of the Blake Ridge Hydrate System

.ppt Liu
2002 2002-01 Flow Focusing Overview and Application: Trap/Migration, Drilling, and Shallow Hazards .ppt Flemings
2002 2002-02 Flow-Focusing and Pressure Prediction in the Deepwater GOM .ppt Lupa
2002 2002-03 PSTAR Predictions for Complicated Sand and Salt Geometries: Implications for Pressure Prediction .ppt Liu
2002 2002-04 Predicting Slope Instability in the Ursa Region and the NJ Slope .ppt Dugan
2002 2002-05 Stress-Dependent Compressibility: Linking Reservoir Drive and Geopressure Evolution .ppt Flemings
2002 2002-06 Stress, Pressure and Consolidation Experiments .ppt Dugan
2002 2002-07 Stress-Controlled Fluid Migration in the Gas Hydrate System of Blake Ridge .ppt Liu
2002 2002-08 Pressure Prediction from Seismic on the Continental Slope .ppt Dugan
2002 2002-09 Pressure Prediction Workflow .ppt Lupa
2002 2002-10

Exploring the Origin and Behavior of Shallow Water Flow Systems Through Ocean Drilling

.ppt Flemings
2002 2002-11 Research Plans for GeoFluidsII .ppt Flemings
2002 2002-12 Paleopressures From Fluid Inclusions: Implications for Trap Integrity n/a Summa
2002 2002-13 The Interplay of Structure, Pore Pressure, and Prospectivity in the Mississippi Fan Foldbelt n/a Dohmen
2002 2002-14 Evolution of Conoco's GEOPRESS Program n/a Lankston
2001 2001-01 State of the Centroid Address .ppt Flemings
2001 2001-02 Flow Focusing in Turbidites on the Gulf of Mexico Slope .ppt Lupa
2001 2001-03 Stress-Controlled Porosity in Overpressured Sands at Bullwinkle (GC65), Deepwater Gulf of Mexico .ppt Comisky et al.
2001 2001-04 Overpressure from Core and Seismic Data, Offshore New Jersey .ppt Dugan
2001 2001-05 PSTAR: Insights into Fluid Flow and Overpressure .ppt Liu
2001 2001-06 Pressure and Stress at the GC65 Region; Implications for Stress State and Trap Integrity .ppt Lupa
2001 2001-07 Secondary Gas Migration Limited by Fractured Caprock .ppt Siahaan
2001 2001-08 Pressure and Stress During Unloading .ppt Dugan
2001 2001-09 Overpressure and Fluid Flow Processes in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: Slope Stability, Seeps and Shallow Water Flow .ppt Flemings
2001 2001-10 Overpressure in the Mississippi Fan Foldbelt n/a Dohmen
2001 2001-11 Well Planning for Shallow Water Flows and Overpressures - The Kestrel Well n/a Bruce
2001 2001-12 Use of Gravity to Delineate Large Scale Fluid Flow Patterns: A Regional Scale, Offshore Example n/a Fitts
2001 2001-13 Overpressure and AVO in the Gulf of Mexico n/a Katahara
2001 2001-14 Results of a Regional Stratigraphic Correlation Approach to Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Pore Pressure Prediction n/a Niemann
2000 2000-01 Overview of New Centroid Insights n/a Flemings
2000 2000-02 Compaction and Fluid Flow in Offshore New Jersey Slope Sediments n/a Dugan
2000 2000-03 Sand Pressure Observations, Shale Pressure Predictions, and Unloading Models in Green Canyon 65 n/a Lupa
2000 2000-04 Effective Stress and Column Height at Green Canyon 65 n/a Flemings
2000 2000-05 Seafloor Topography: Evidence of Fluid Expulsion and Relationship to Deep Structure n/a Lupa
2000 2000-06 Unloading, Deformation Experiments and Centroids at Eugene Island 330 n/a Flemings
2000 2000-07 Differential Sediment Loading: Models of Centroid Development n/a Dugan
2000 2000-08 Hydrocarbon Migration and the centroid Model n/a Ashbaugh
2000 2000-09 Time-dependent Hydrocarbon Charge in Faults: Implications on Column Height and Composition n/a Ashbaugh
2000 2000-10 Rules of Thumb for Trap, Migration and Pressure Prediction n/a Flemings
2000 2000-11 The PSU GeoFluids Web Page n/a Johnson
2000 2000-12 Regional Stratigraphic Approach to Mudweight (Geopressure Gradient) Prediction n/a Niemann
2000 2000-13 Shallow Water Flow Prediction From Seismic Analysis of Multicomponent Seismic Data n/a Huffman
2000 2000-14 Migration Pathway Evaluation through Analysis of Hydrocarbon Seepage, Gulf of Mexico n/a Boettcher
2000 2000-15 A Procedure for Determining an Appropriate Pore Pressure Estimation Strategy n/a Bowers


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