mainUT GeoFluids studies the state and evolution of pressure, stress, deformation and fluid migration through experiments, models, and field study. This industry-funded consortium is dedicated to producing innovative concepts that couple geology and fluid flow.

The results are used to predict pressure, stress, trap integrity, and borehole stability. Our team combines geoscientists at The University of Texas with geotechnical engineers at MIT. Concepts developed in the GeoFluids Consortium have been extended to study marine slope stability and the processes of hydrate formation and disassociation. Tools have been developed to measure pressure in-situ in mudrocks.

This consortium began on June 1, 2009. For more information about the consortium please see the consortium tab above or contact the Consortium Co-Directors, Dr. Peter Flemings and Dr. Jack Germaine.

UT GeoFluids is currently supported by 12 energy companies.

Each year UT GeoFluids holds a meeting to present current research to consortium memebers. UT GeoFluids 2015 Meeting Dates: Feb. 25-27, 2015, on the University of Texas Campus at the AT&T Exec Ed and Conf Center.

For information, abstracts, presentations, and participant lists from previous annual meetings please visit the meetings page.

gang_luoGang Luo Leaving UT GeoFluids

Gang Luo has accepted a professorship in Beijing, China. This is wonderful news for him. However, this means he will be leaving our group at the end of May...arrow


The 2014 Annual UT GeoFluids Consortium Review Meeting was enthusiastically attended by approximately 92 representatives from 11 companies. We held a poster session, gave 23 presentations, taught a Modeling workshop, and had many lively discussions and recommendations for future work...arrow

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