GCCC Research Themes 2015-2018

GCCC Research Themes 2011-2014

GCCC Research Themes 2009-2011 [PDF]

    Theme 1: Educate the Next Generation of Carbon Management Professionals and Regulators

    Theme 2: Develop Selection Criteria for Commercial CO2 Sequestration

    Theme 3: Define an Adequate and Reliable Monitoring and Verification Strategy Applicable to Long Term Storage

    Theme 4: Evaluate Sources of Risk and Potential Liability Associated with CO2 Sequestration

    Theme 5: Evaluate Economic Potential of CO2 to Enhance Oil and Gas Recovery in the Gulf Coast

    Theme 6: Develop Market Framework and Economic Models for CO2 Capture and Storage in the Gulf Coast

    Theme 7: Provide Service and Training to Partners





The GCCC seeks to apply its technical and educational resources to implement geologic storage of anthropogenic carbon dioxide on an aggressive time scale with a focus in a region where large-scale reduction of atmospheric releases is needed and short term action is possible.