STORE: Sequestration Training, Outreach, Research and Education
Program Overview

The Sequestration Training, Outreach, Research and Education (STORE) Alliance is a partnership between the Institute for Geophysics, the Bureau of Economic Geology and the Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department at UT, and housed at the Gulf Coast Carbon Center. STORE is funded by DOE/NETL and the Program Director is Hilary Olson.

The overall goal of STORE is to promote better understanding of CO2 sequestration science and engineering technology. Our efforts are helping to create a skilled workforce for the CCS industry, and fostering the public understanding required to advance the United States in its energy security and its leadership position with regard to climate change mitigation technology. Effective transfer of knowledge and technology to the workforce will yield reduced costs, improved industry efficiency, increased CO2 storage, accelerated implementation of CO2 projects and enhanced environmental compliance for the nascent CCS industry.

The STORE website is a major portal for basic and technical information on carbon sequestration. It includes newsletters, training and public outreach videos, a calendar of upcoming events, a reading room filled with the latest GCS information, and a link to the GCCC's publication library. 

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The GCCC Mission

The GCCC seeks to apply its technical and educational resources to implement geologic storage of anthropogenic carbon dioxide on an aggressive time scale with a focus in a region where large-scale reduction of atmospheric releases is needed and short term action is possible.