Andrew Nicholson
Graduate Research Assistant

Bureau of Economic Geology
The University of Texas at Austin
University Station, Box X
Austin, Texas 78713-8924
Email: ajn275@mail.utexas.edu
Telephone: 512-471-5357
Fax: 512-471-0140



I am interested in basin analysis, sedimentary depositional systems, and reservoir geology. The emphasis of my work is obtaining a strong understanding of specific basin scale depositional systems before focusing on reservoir-scale features and heterogeneities.

Summer 2012 Plans
After graduating this spring, I will be working full-time at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation in The Woodlands, TX.

Current Work
I am currently working with Tip Meckel, David Carr, and Ramon Trevino as a Graduate Research Assistant with the GCCC's Offshore Miocene Project. My efforts are focused on Miocene stratigraphy and site selection for CO2 sequestration in the Lavaca Bay region, TX.

Previous Work
Undergraduate Thesis: Deposition of the Fluvial Ericson Sandstone, Rock Springs Uplift, SW Wyoming: How Embryonic Laramide Uplift Controlled Sedimentation. Advisor: Dr. Ron Steel

M.S. Geological Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, expected May 2012
B.S. Geological Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, May 2010

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