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PIDAS EASiTOOL SECARB Stacked Storage at Cranfield SWP SACROC Historic Oil Field Groundwater Study Frio Brine Pilot Experiment STORE: Sequestration Training, Outreach, Research and Education	Site-Specific Standard 
in CCS Monitoring CFSES (Center for Frontiers of Subsurface Energy Security) TXLA Offshore CO2 Storage Resource Assessment CO2 Sequestration in
Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Texas Offshore Miocene Project WaterRF Project CCP Certification Framework	SSEB Evaluation of GCS in SE US :
Potential Sinks for Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide
Generated by Power Plants in North and South Carolina SSEB Onshore and Offshore Georgia:
Continued Evaluation of Potential for Geologic Storage of
Carbon Dioxide in the Southeastern United States Analysis of Applicability of Existing BOEM/BSEE Regulations to
Offshore Sub-Seabed Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
CO2 sequestration in brine formations CO2 sequestration in brine formations Pressure Management and Plume Control Strategies through a Brine Extraction Storage Test at the Devine Test Site in Texas DIAL-GCS Global Offshore Initiative