UK-Texas CCS Technology and Legislation Seminar
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About the UK Science & Innovation Network: The Science & Innovation Team in Houston is part of the United Kingdom's Foreign and Commonwealth Office's network of global science attaches. They work to facilitate collaborations between science and innovation providers and users in the UK and the United States in industry, academia and research institutions. In addition, they keep UK policy-makers fully informed about research and policy developments in the US, as well as promote the UK as a world-class leader in science and innovation. The S&I Network also reports on policy developments, strategy and emerging priorities and facilitates international negotiations and collaborations in areas such as climate change, stem cell research, nanotechnology and low carbon technologies. For more information, please contact S&I Consul Dr. May Akrawi on may.akrawi@fco.gov.uk  or 713-659-6270 (x2134).


About the British Geological Survey: BGS (www.bgs.ac.uk) is the national geological survey of the United Kingdom. BGS has a long and successful history of CCS and has one of the largest geological storage research groups in the world. The BGS CCS team (http://www.bgs.ac.uk/education/carboncapture/) co-ordinated the ground-breaking CCS Joule 2 project in the mid-1990s and since then have taken a leading research role in CCS via a number of major projects. We also provide advice to the UK Government in developing the UK legislative framework for CO2 storage. In the last two years BGS has carried out more than 50 CO2 storage projects for a range of customers, including the EU, industry and the UK and overseas governments. These include site characterisation, storage capacity estimation, performance assessment and site monitoring design.  For more information please contact John Stephenson on (mhste@bgs.ac.uk) or see http://www.bgs.ac.uk/


About the Bureau of Economic Geology: The Bureau of Economic Geology, established in 1909, is the oldest research unit at The University of Texas at Austin. The Bureau, part of The John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin, also functions as the State Geological Survey. The Bureau not only curates the largest volume of subsurface core and cuttings in the United States at three world-class centers located in Houston, Austin, and Midland, but also runs a major Texas well log library, with nearly 1 million well records on file. The Bureau serves as the Regional Lead Organization for the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council and Managing Organization for the Advanced Energy Consortium. Centers include the Gulf Coast Carbon Center and Center for Energy Economics.  For more information please contact Susan Hovorka  on (susan.hovorka@beg.utexas.edu) or see http://www.beg.utexas.edu/



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