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Task 6: Brine Containment
Task 7: Mineral Containment


Task 6 focuses on containment in the brine reservoir of the Miocene formation. Much of the work for this task will be performed using laboratory hydrothermal simulations. Aqueous thermodynamic modeling will be used to evaluate water chemistry under our experimental conditions and guide experimental design..This task will be primarily conducted by Katherine Romanak, Tongwei Zhang, and Changbing Yang.


Using both laboratory experiments and numerical modeling, Task 7 will assess the rate of mineralization in the formation and the potential effects on injection and storage. We will construct geochemical models based on detailed host rock mineralogy and formation water chemistry to assess the mineral reactions and their rates. This task is also led by Katherine Romanak, Tongwei Zhang, and Changbing Yang.

Tongwei and autoclave
GCCC’s Tongwei Zhang with the autoclave reaction system to be used for both Tasks 6 and 7. The state-of-the art thermodynamic equipment will be used to scan reaction rates and determine how they are affected by variations in parameters such as CO2 pressure, mineralogy, water/mineral ratio, salinity, pH, and temperature. This system will be operational at supercritical CO2 conditions.


















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