Global Offshore Initiative

Program Overview

GCCC is pursuing various aspects of offshore carbon sequestration, including a global needs assessment and identifying synergies between an international community of parties interested in offshore storage.

GCCC was delighted to host the first International Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage Workshop April 19-21, 2016. Please see below for agenda and technical presentations.
Workshop Agenda

Workshop Report

Session 1 - Welcome and Goals
Session 2 - Current State of Knowledge
Session 3 - Country Status
Session 4 - Guided Activity
Session 5 - Recommendations and Next Steps
Session 6 - Posters


The GCCC Mission

The GCCC seeks to apply its technical and educational resources to implement geologic storage of anthropogenic carbon dioxide on an aggressive time scale with a focus in a region where large-scale reduction of atmospheric releases is needed and short term action is possible.