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Title Field test of in-situ sensor technology for process-based soil gas monitoring
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Romanak, K.D.
Hovorka, S.D.
Yang, C.

Many studies have modeled gas migration from deep CO2 storage reservoirs to the surface and tested ways to geochemically detect a signal at the surface. In this field study, we document a field case of detection of CO2 that has migrated from a storage formation to the surface and we assess the remaining uncertainties after 5 years of study. We also illustrate the opportunities and related complexities of locating and characterizing CO2 migration at enhanced oil recovery (EOR) sites. The study site on which we report has hydrocarbon resources (oil and gas) at several depths, and the deepest was placed under commercial CO2 flood during the study period. Pre-injection characterization identified a small area of anomalous methane beneath a modern gravel pad surrounding a 1950’s plugged and abandoned well. We report observations of the geochemical evolution at the surface in relationship to reservoir activity. Monitoring consisted of using a relatively new “process-based” soil gas method augmented by carbon and hydrogen isotopic and hydrocarbon data.

Collection GCCC Bookshelf
Pages 2
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Keywords Modeling-Geochemical Monitoring-soil gas Field study
Year 2014
Date Published 0000-00-00 00:00:00
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