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Title Geochemical aspects of geologic carbon storage
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Romanak, K.D.
Harmon, R.S.
Kharaka, Y.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a critical technology for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to meet global emissions targets set for the year 2050 (IEA, 2012). In CCS, CO2 produced from stationary sources (i.e. power plants, cement- and iron-producing facilities, and refineries) is diverted from the atmosphere via capture and subsequent injection into deep, stable geological formations for long term storage (i.e. geologic carbon storage). A rapid deployment of CCS is required to meet 2050 climate goals, but currently, implementation of CCS is behind target. Economic, political and regulatory drivers, in addition to public understanding and acceptance of CCS, must converge quickly to support the development of CCS technology. Understanding the science of geologic carbon storage affects drivers for CCS in a multitude of ways that include providing information relevant to: site selection, capacity estimation, injectivity, storage permanence, risk assessment, environmental impacts, monitoring, attribution, leakage quantification, regulatory guidelines, and incident response protocols (e.g. Dixon et al., 2012). The purpose of this special issue of Applied Geochemistry on Geochemical Aspects of Geologic Carbon Storage is to synthesize and present a selection of the most innovative and relevant geochemical research in this rapidly evolving field to support the path forward. It is anticipated that a compilation of important thinking and work in this area will be a useful tool as geologic carbon storage advances towards industrial implementation on a global scale.

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Year 2013
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