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Title Reactive fluid flow in co2 storage reservoirs - Pore network model study
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Kim, S.
Santamarina, J.C.

Water acidifies in the presence of CO2 and prompts mineral dissolution. Pore network modeling is used to investigate reactive fluid flow in CO2 storage reservoirs during injection when advective transport prevails. Mineral dissolution satisfies kinetic rate laws and continues until thermodynamic equilibrium is reached. In advection-dominant regimes, network simulation results show that species concentration, tube enlargement and flow rate can be summarized in terms of the dimensionless Damk÷hler number Da which is the ratio between advection time along a pore and the reaction time. Reservoirs will tend to experience localized enlargement near injection wells (before water drying) and compact dissolution in the far-field. The Damk÷hler number couples with initial pore-size variability to distort the relationship between mean tube diameter and either local or network-average flow rates. Both the Damk÷hler number and pore-size variability should be considered in field-scale numerical simulators.

Collection GCCC Bookshelf
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Keywords Modeling-Flow simulation; Rock-water-CO2 reaction
Year 2014
Date Published 0000-00-00 00:00:00
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