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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Stacked storage field project Slides 2006 12 Yes More Information
Monitoring CO2 storage in brine formations: lessons learned from the Frio field test one year post injection Paper 2006 9 Yes More Information
Measuring permanence of CO2 storage in saline formations: the Frio experiment Link 2006 17 Yes More Information
Introduction to geologic sequestration of CO2 Slides 2007 19 Yes More Information
Surveillance of a geologic sequestration project: monitoring, validation, accounting Slides 2008 12 Yes More Information
Public acceptance for CCS Slides 2008 16 Yes More Information
EPA draft rules on geological storage: selected stakeholder feedback Slides 2008 11 Yes More Information
Geologic storage (almacenamiento geológico) carbon dioxide (CO2) Slides 2008 35 Yes More Information
Fundamentals of carbon capture and storage (CCS) Slides 2008 12 Yes More Information
SACROC EOR and sequestration demonstration DE-FC26-05NT42591 Slides 2008 24 Yes More Information
Permian Basin Project Overview DE-FC26-05NT42591 Slides 2008 22 Yes More Information
Role of CO2 EOR in sequestration for GHG emissions reduction Slides 2008 47 Yes More Information
Case Study: Monitoring an EOR project to document sequestration value Slides 2008 32 Yes More Information
New developments: Solved and unsolved questions regarding geologic sequestration of CO2 as a greenhouse gas reduction method Slides 2008 28 Yes More Information
Overview of CCS Slides 2011 35 Yes More Information
Leakage characterization through above-zone pressure monitoring: 2 - Design considerations with application to CO2 storage in saline aquifers Link 2012 13 Yes More Information
Monitoring a large-volume injection at Cranfield, Mississippi: Project design and recommendations Link 2013 15 Yes More Information
Fundamentos del monitoreo de CO2 inyectado en el subsuelo Slides 2013 28 Yes More Information
Fundamentals of monitoring CO2 injected in the subsurface Slides 2013 28 Yes More Information
CO2 storage, monitoring, verification, and accounting Slides 2013 25 Yes More Information
Three-million-metric-ton-monitored injection at the SECARB Cranfield project – project update Link 2013 12 Yes More Information
Subsurface monitoring of large-scale CO2 injection at SECARB’s Phase-III Cranfield site Link 2012 11 Yes More Information
Expert-based development of a standard in CO2 sequestration monitoring technology Report 2014 52 Yes More Information
Workbook for developing a monitoring plan to ensure storage permanence in a geologic storage project, including site-specific tool selection Report 2014 65 Yes More Information
Gulf Coast Carbon Center 2011-2014 Retrospective Report 2015 81 Yes More Information

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