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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Surface environmental monitoring at the Frio CO2 sequestration test site, Texas Paper 2005 16 Yes More Information
Monitoring and verification issues for carbon storage Slides 2006 23 Yes More Information
SECARB Phase III-Early Test, Cranfield, MS Slides 2009 35 Yes More Information
Southeast Partnership Early Test Update-Cranfield field, MS Slides 2009 40 Yes More Information
Soil-gas identification of environmental factors affecting CO2 concentrations beneath a playa wetland: Implications for soil-gas monitoring at carbon storage sites Slides 2009 22 Yes More Information
Targeted soil-gas methodologies for monitoring an engineered, plugged, and abandoned well site, Cranfield, Mississippi Slides 2010 18 Yes More Information
Soil-gas behavior and measurement in a carbon-reactive natural analogue; implications for near-surface monitoring Slides 2010 24 Yes More Information
New approach to soil gas monitoring Slides 2011 21 Yes More Information
New approach to soil gas monitoring Slides 2011 21 Yes More Information
Process-based approach to CO2 leakage detection by vadose zone gas monitoring at geologic CO2 storage sites Link 2012 6 Yes More Information
Potential for a process-based monitoring method above geologic carbon storage sites using dissolved gases in freshwater aquifers Link 2013 4 Yes More Information
Modeling CO2 release experiment in the shallow subsurface and sensitivity analysis Link 2013 13 Yes More Information
Near-surface monitoring of large-volume CO2 injection at Cranfield: Early field test of SECARB Phase III Link 2013 8 Yes More Information

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