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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Geochemistry of water and gases in the Frio Brine Pilot test: baseline data and changes during and post CO2 injection Slides 2005 29 Yes More Information
Preliminary reactive transport modeling and laboratory experiments conducted in support of the Frio Pilot test Slides 2005 26 Yes More Information
The U-tube: a novel system for acquiring borehole fluid samples from a deep geologic CO2 sequestration experiment Slides 2005 10 Yes More Information
Assessing impacts to groundwater from CO2-flooding of SACROC and Claytonville oil fields in West Texas Slides 2006 16 Yes More Information
Role of geochemical interactions in assuring permanence of storage of CO2 in geologic environments Slides 2007 23 Yes More Information
Assessing risk to freshwater resources from long-term CO2 injection-laboratory and field studies Paper 2008 8 Yes More Information
The importance of considering rock-water interaction when studying potential impacts of geological CO2 sequestration on drinking water resources Paper 2008 4 Yes More Information
Executive summary: Recent results of the SACROC groundwater geochemistry summary Paper 2008 5 Yes More Information
Modeling shallow groundwater geochemistry and carbon isotopes: Test of methodology for CO2 storage evaluation at an EOR site, West Texas, USA Poster 2009 1 Yes More Information
Role of dedolomitization in the detection of anthropogenic CO2 in freshwater aquifers Paper 2010 0 Yes More Information
Reservoir fluid and gas chemistry during CO2 injection at the Cranfield field, Mississippi, USA Abstract 2009 2 Yes More Information
Evaluation of CO2, He, C1-C5 gaseous hydrocarbons at an engineered CO2 injection, Cranfield, Mississippi Poster 2010 1 Yes More Information
CO2-rock-brine interactions in Lower Tuscaloosa Formation at Cranfield CO2 sequestration site, Mississippi, U.S.A. Link 2011 45 Yes More Information
Groundwater degradation from carbon dioxide at geological carbon sequestration sites Link 2013 127 Yes More Information
Identifying origins of and pathways for spring waters in a semiarid basin using He, Sr, and C isotopes: Cuatrociénegas Basin, Mexico Link 2013 13 Yes More Information

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