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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Audience-pleasing physical models to support CO2 outreach Paper 2005 10 Yes More Information
Preliminary reactive transport modeling and laboratory experiments conducted in support of the Frio Pilot test Slides 2005 26 Yes More Information
Assessing risk to freshwater resources from long-term CO2 injection-laboratory and field studies Paper 2008 8 Yes More Information
The importance of considering rock-water interaction when studying potential impacts of geological CO2 sequestration on drinking water resources Paper 2008 4 Yes More Information
Groundwater degradation from carbon dioxide at geological carbon sequestration sites Link 2013 127 Yes More Information
Gulf of Mexico Miocene CO2 site characterization mega transect DE-FE0001941_Part 2 Slides 2013 35 Yes More Information
CO2 breakthrough and leak-sealing Experiments on shale and cement Link 2013 7 Yes More Information
Engineered CO2 injection: The use of surfactants for enhanced sweep efficiency Link 2013 7 Yes More Information

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