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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
The Frio Brine Pilot Experiment: Managing CO2 Sequestration in a Brine Formation Slides 2005 26 Yes More Information
Time-lapse CO2 monitoring with pulsed neutron logging Slides 2005 14 Yes More Information
Integrated evaluation for measuring, monitoring, and verifying CO2 distribution Slides 2005 21 Yes More Information
Testing efficiency of storage in the subsurface: Frio Brine Pilot Experiment Link 2005 12 Yes More Information
Put it back?an experiment in returning carbon from burning of fossil fuel to the subsurface as carbon dioxide Paper 2005 5 Yes More Information
Monitoring and verification issues for carbon storage Slides 2006 23 Yes More Information
Monitoring CO2 storage in brine formations: lessons learned from the Frio field test one year post injection Paper 2006 9 Yes More Information
Measuring permanence of CO2 storage in saline formations: the Frio experiment Link 2006 17 Yes More Information
Frio Brine Storage Experiment?lessons learned Paper 2006 6 Yes More Information
SECARB Phase III-Early Test, Cranfield, MS Slides 2009 35 Yes More Information
Southeast Partnership Early Test Update-Cranfield field, MS Slides 2009 40 Yes More Information
Integration of well-based subsurface monitoring technologies: Lessons learned at SECARB study, Cranfield, MS Link 2013 12 Yes More Information

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