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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Geological sequestration of greenhouse gases: opportunities for industry-academe research partnerships Paper 2001 4 Yes More Information
Potential new uses for old gas fields: sequestration of carbon dioxide Paper 2002 9 Yes More Information
Moving Permian Basin technology to the Gulf Coast: the geologic distribution of CO2 EOR potential in Gulf Coast reservoirs Paper 2005 10 Yes More Information
Creating a simplified model using dimensionless groups for CO2 flooding and storage in Gulf Coast reservoirs Slides 2005 27 Yes More Information
Assessment of geological storage capacity of the southeastern U.S. for CO2 in brines and economic use for EOR Slides 2006 20 Yes More Information
Source-sink matching and potential for carbon capture and storage in the Gulf Coast Paper 2006 6 Yes More Information
Texas as a national sink Slides 2008 22 Yes More Information
Economic modeling of carbon dioxide integrated pipeline network for enhanced oil recovery and geologic sequestration in the Texas Gulf Coast region Paper 2008 8 Yes More Information
The Gulf Coast Carbon Center: developing a sequestration industry in the Gulf Coast Region Paper 2008 4 Yes More Information
Risk and monitoring risk for CO2 sequestration in deep brine reservoirs Paper 2008 3 Yes More Information
SACROC EOR and sequestration demonstration DE-FC26-05NT42591 Slides 2008 24 Yes More Information
Permian Basin Project Overview DE-FC26-05NT42591 Slides 2008 22 Yes More Information
Role of CO2 EOR in sequestration for GHG emissions reduction Slides 2008 47 Yes More Information
Case Study: Monitoring an EOR project to document sequestration value Slides 2008 32 Yes More Information
What to do with CO2: The knowns and unknowns of geologic sequestration and CO2 EOR in greenhouse gas context Slides 2008 20 Yes More Information
Executive summary: Recent results of the SACROC groundwater geochemistry summary Paper 2008 5 Yes More Information
Modeling shallow groundwater geochemistry and carbon isotopes: Test of methodology for CO2 storage evaluation at an EOR site, West Texas, USA Poster 2009 1 Yes More Information
Role of dedolomitization in the detection of anthropogenic CO2 in freshwater aquifers Paper 2010 0 Yes More Information
EOR as sequestration: Geoscience perspective Paper 2010 26 Yes More Information
Diagenesis and reservoir heterogeneity in the Lower Tuscaloosa Formation at Cranfield Field, Mississippi Slides 2010 27 Yes More Information
Above-zone pressure monitoring as a surveillance tool for carbon sequestration projects Link 2010 8 No More Information
Results from continuous downhole monitoring (PDG) at a field-scale CO2 demonstration project, Cranfield, MS Link 2009 8 Yes More Information
Monitoring a large volume CO2 injection: year two results from SECARB project at Denbury's Cranfield, Mississippi, USA Link 2011 7 Yes More Information
Time lapse seismic response (4D) related to industrial-scale CO2 injection at an EOR and CCS site, Cranfield, MS Poster 2011 1 Yes More Information
Overview of CCS Slides 2011 35 Yes More Information
Sensitivity of groundwater systems to CO2: Application of a site-specific analysis of carbonate monitoring parameters at the SACROC CO2-enhanced oil field Paper 2012 10 Yes More Information
Time lapse seismic signal analysis for Cranfield, MS, EOR and CCS site Slides 2012 22 Yes More Information
Analysis of time lapse seismic signal analysis for an EOR and CCS site, Cranfield, MS Paper 2012 4 Yes More Information
Geologic and economic criteria for siting clean-coal facilities in the Texas Gulf Coast, USA Link 2012 22 Yes More Information
Characterizing CO2 storage reservoirs and shallow overburden for above-zone monitoring in Texas Gulf Coast EOR fields Link 2012 13 Yes More Information
CO2-EOR as geologic storage: Monitoring for permanence Slides 2013 34 Yes More Information
Integration of well-based subsurface monitoring technologies: Lessons learned at SECARB study, Cranfield, MS Link 2013 12 Yes More Information
High-resolution characterization of a CO2 plume using crosswell seismic tomography: Cranfield, MS, USA Link 2013 13 Yes More Information
Monitoring a large-volume injection at Cranfield, Mississippi Project design and recommendations Link 2013 16 Yes More Information
Constraining CO2 simulations by coupled modeling and inversion of electrical resistance and gas composition data Link 2013 13 Yes More Information
Static and dynamic reservoir modeling for geological CO2 sequestration at Cranfield, Mississippi, USA Link 2013 14 Yes More Information
CO2 recycling accounting and EOR operation scheduling to assist in storage capacity assessment at a U.S. gulf coast depleted reservoir Link 2013 11 Yes More Information
Modeling and simulation of carbon sequestration at Cranfield incorporating new physical models Link 2013 11 Yes More Information
Sensitivity analysis of Tuscaloosa sandstones to Co2 saturation, Cranfield field, Cranfield, MS Link 2013 12 Yes More Information
Evaluating time-lapse borehole gravity for CO2 plume detection at SECARB Cranfield Link 2013 9 Yes More Information
Reservoir characterization and complications for trapping mechanisms at Cranfield CO2 injection site Link 2013 14 Yes More Information
Analysis of potential leakage pathways at the Cranfield, MS, USA, CO2 sequestration site Link 2013 13 Yes More Information
Editorial: Midproject assessment of the SECARB Early Test at Cranfield, Mississippi Link 2013 2 Yes More Information
Time-lapse surface seismic inversion with thin bed resolution for monitoring CO2 sequestration: A case study from Cranfield, Mississippi Link 2013 9 Yes More Information
Modeling above-zone measurements of pressure and temperature for monitoring CCS sites Link 2013 8 Yes More Information
Single-well push-pull test for assessing potential impacts of CO2 leakage on groundwater quality in a shallow Gulf Coast aquifer in Cranfield, Mississippi Link 2013 13 Yes More Information
Electrical resistance tomographic monitoring of CO2 movement in deep geologic reservoirs Link 2013 8 Yes More Information
Assessing sensitivity to well leakage from three years of continuous reservoir pressure monitoring during CO2 injection at Cranfield, MS, USA Link 2013 10 Yes More Information
CCU&S via stacked storage case studies from CO2-EOR basins of the United States Link 2013 6 Yes More Information
Three-million-metric-ton-monitored injection at the SECARB Cranfield project project update Link 2013 12 Yes More Information
Geochemical effects of elevated methane and carbon dioxide in near-surface sediments above an EOR/CCUS site Other 2013 125 Yes More Information
Using analytical and numerical modeling to assess deep groundwater monitoring parameters at carbon capture, utilization, and storage sites Other 2013 160 Yes More Information
The system-wide economics of a carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and storage network: Texas Gulf Coast with pure CO2-EOR flood Link 2013 16 Yes More Information
The reservoir performance and impact from using large-volume, intermittent, anthropogenic CO2 for enhanced oil recover Other 2012 125 Yes More Information
Gulf Coast Carbon Center 2011-2014 Retrospective Report 2015 81 Yes More Information
Can we treat CO2 well blowouts like routine plumbing problems? A study of the incidence, impact, and perception of loss of well control Link 2014 13 Yes More Information

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