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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Sequestration pilot site in the Texas Gulf Coast, USA Slides 2002 25 Yes More Information
Frio pilot in CO2 sequestration in brine-bearing sandstones Report 2003 174 Yes More Information
Environmental assessment: optimal geological environments for carbon dioxide disposal in brine formations (saline aquifers) in the United States--pilot experiment in the Frio Formation, Houston area Report 2003 131 Yes More Information
Review of existing injection well permit regulations and expectations of future geologic sequestration CO2 regulations with monitoring conditions Slides 2005 21 Yes More Information
Leakage pathways from potential CO2 storage sites in the Texas Gulf coast and implications for permitting Paper 2006 15 Yes More Information
Science-based permitting of geological sequestration of CO2 in brine reservoirs in the U.S Link 2007 11 Yes More Information
Injection and geologic storage regulation of anthropogenic carbon dioxide Report 2010 107 Yes More Information
Guidelines for a regulatory framework to accommodate geological storage of CO2 in Alberta Link 2009 2 Yes More Information
CO2-EOR as geologic storage: Monitoring for permanence Slides 2013 34 Yes More Information
The Kerr investigation final report: Findings of the investigation into the impact of CO2 on the Kerr property Paper 2011 245 Yes More Information
Analysis of applicability of existing BOEM/BSEE regulations to offshore sub-seabed geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide Report 2013 31 Yes More Information
Improving monitoring protocols for CO2 geological storage with technical advances in CO2 attribution monitoring Link 2015 12 Yes More Information

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